The truth is, life is 99% mundane; a person’s life is a collection of all the moments that happen in the middle. Sure, there are adventures and excitement along the way, but it’s the unassuming parts that fill in the blank pages of our stories and shape us into who we are. Think about your favorite adventure books from childhood, the ones where the main character embarks on a brave quest. Sure, they slayed a dragon, but that was never the full story. In the chapters we didn’t get to read, these characters returned home to their very ordinary lives—working, eating, playing, caring for their families. Perhaps then it’s not just the “dragon slaying” that shapes us, but also the moments before and after. Consider the seasons—they come and go as expected. Every morning, the sun rises then sets. The facts of this are boring. But look at the colors in the sky and you’ll see a very different story. Or there are the tides. They rush in and out twice a day, two high and two low tides every 24 hours. It’s always been the same. But have you ever walked on the soft sands of a shoreline freshly swept by saltwater? The birds and butterflies follow patterns, too, surrendering to the familiar flow of migration. And then there is us; humanity. Even we live by the rule of cycles, from inhales and exhales, from life until death. 

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