A new twist has come in the Minar-e-Pakistan harassment case. According to the police, it has been decided to take action against the person who made the objectionable video of Tuck Tucker voluntarily.

The police have sought the opinion of the Legal Department for taking action under the PKA Act. It is a crime to go viral on media, objectionable videos of Ayesha Akram and Rambo went viral on social media.
Rambo and Ayesha could face up to seven years in prison under the PKA Act. According to the details, well-known anchor, Iqrar Ul Hassan has said that the audios leaked between Ayesha Akram and Rambo are real.
“The phones are with the law enforcement agencies. I think Ayesha Akram should be arrested after that,” he said. Senior anchorperson
Iqrar Ul Hassan, embarrassed to call Ayesha Akram his sister, apologized to the nation. According to the details, Iqrar Ul Hassan has said in a video message that inshallah I will continue to try to fix the problems of Pakistan till the end, Pakistan does not have time for any other servant like me to defame it.
My job is to report the incident and I honestly reported the incident of Ayesha Akram but the senses, the greed – the confession of Ayesha Akram in front of the truth.
“It was my job as a journalist to report the incident and we reported the incident responsibly. After the incident, we went to the victim Ayesha and I told her that in this case,” he said.
Your brother Aqarul Hassan is standing with you. Don’t worry about anything at all. I put my hand on his head but he humiliated his brother. I tell Ayesha you should have kept my word that I called you my sister
If you wanted money, you would have demanded it from me. They are being threatened with numbers from abroad, the recording of which is also with them and they suspect that a ticker named Ali Shah is threatening them.
Ayesha filed a petition against ticker Ali Shah at Shahdara Town police station. Shahdara police station submitted an application on the front desk on which police officials said that action will be taken according to law.

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