Iffat Omar declares Zia & Musharraf were better than Imran Khan. According to 24NewsHD TV Channel, when the case’s witness actress Iffat Omar cross-checked her testimony against singer Ali Zafar, Lahore judge Imtiaz Ahmed Gondal heard a defamation lawsuit against singer Meesha Shafi in other hearings.Iffat Omar stands by Meesha Shafi against Ali Zafar,  Actress Iffat Omar has been worked in many popular Pakistani drama serials. Ali Zafar’s lawyer in cross-examination asked Iffat Omar had disagreements with actress Noshin Shah against actress Iffat Omar expressed opposition, and there was disagreement between her and her husband when she walked the show with her husband.  “Are you the videos that caused depression?  Iffat Omar answered that the main cause of depression were those videos.

Veteran actress Iffat Omar has not been one to hide her disdain for the current Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government. She even went as far as to say that Zia-ul-Haq’s dictatorship and Musharraf’s military rule were better than the current government.
In her appearance on Naumaan Ijaz’s talk show, G Sarkar, the Mohabbat Aag Si actress got candid about her political views. The actress-cum-host shared how having lived through military governance in the past, she believes those regimes were better than the current democratically elected Parliament.

She even went as far as to say both these eras were much better in comparison to the current government. Iffat Omar said that the economic situation wasn’t as worse as in Imran Khan’s regime. She then went on to list her grievances with the Imran Khan government and how it hasn’t delivered on campaign promises.
Iffat Omar declares Zia & Musharraf were better than Imran Khan
Iffat Omar is quite critical of the PTI government on social media. While most in the entertainment industry support the alternative choice after a stagnant two-party system for so long, the veteran actress doesn’t.

The Dour diva shared how Netizens often troll her and say that she has received money from Mariyam Nawaz or Pakistan Mulsim League Nawaz (PML-N) leaders for slamming PTI online.

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