Priyanka Chopra defends beauty pageants because they ‘kickstarted’ her career

Priyanka Chopra, a former beauty queen, is defending beauty pageants at a time when their relevance is being reconsidered.
The Bollywood-Hollywood actor, who is now married to Jonas Brothers Nick Jonas, opened up about her thoughts on the now-controversial issue.

“It gave me a trampoline to my acting career. It gave me a sense of self, a sense of confidence to be able to stand in front of heads of state, to be able to speak in front of media from around the world, and actually know what I’m talking about.”

Chopra made her acting debut soon after winning the Miss World crown in 2000, with The Hero: Love Story of a Spy. She has appeared in popular Hindi films such as Krrish and Don, Kaminey , 7 Khoon Maaf, Barfi!, Mary Kom, and Bajirao Mastani.

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Did Kanika Kapoor give coronavirus to Prince Charles?

Indian singer Kanika Kapoor has been at the mercy of online trolls ever since she tested positive for coronavirus and tried to evade the authorities. Now, she seems to have more fingers pointing her way.
Right when the news of Prince Charles contracting the virus broke out on the internet, hawk-eyed netizens dug up pictures of Kanika with the heir to the British throne.

After a lot of misinformation floating around, the truth has been unearthed.

According to Hindustan Times, the photos are actually from an Elephant Family charity event, hosted by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, all the way back in 2015.

Not to mention, the virus’ incubation period of 14 days also chucks out any possibility of Charles contracting it from Kanika or the other way round.

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Mahira Khan should have stayed a VJ: Iman Ali

The gorgeous Iman released all her inhibitions and swung at every question with casual humour, giving usual rapid fire rounds a run for their money. She even said Humayun Saeed may as well have been a doodh/dahi bechnay wala (milk seller) with his typically Punjabi looks – yeah, we’re not kidding!

When asked about the country’s favourite superstar at the moment, Mahira Khan, Iman had no second guesses. “She should’ve stayed a VJ. She was really good at that and I really liked her at that,” said Iman, chuckling at her own answer.

Iman also made another revelation – she was offered Raees alongside Shah Rukh Khan before Mahira landed the coveted role. “The people who approached me told me it’s a role opposite Shah Rukh, so I asked them to send me the script. I guess they didn’t really like that,” said Iman.

When asked about Fawad Khan, Iman said, “He used to make really stupid jokes on set (they were co-stars in their debut film Khuda Kay Liye) so maybe a failed stand-up comedian.”

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Mahira Khan tweets, If you are privileged this battle is yours more than anyone else’s

Popular actor Mahira Khan recently tweeted to remind the privileged about their responsibilities in a crisis. She spoke for the plight of those who could no longer earn for themselves amidst the lock-down, making it clear that the well-off need to take care of them.
She also emphasised on the need to spread awareness and providing paid leaves to make lives easier for those not capable of surviving a month without working.

The Superstar actor took to Twitter and wrote, “If you are educated, if you can survive a month without work or in a position of power/privilege then this battle is yours more than anyone else’s!

The nationwide tally of COVID-19 patients has crossed 1,037 with 413 cases in Sindh; 115 in Balochistan; 296 in Punjab; 117 in K-P; 80 in Gilgit-Baltistan; 15 in Islamabad; and one in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

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Ayeza Khan wants you to help street animals

Television’s sweetheart Ayeza Khan has a heartwarming message for you during this morose lockdown.
The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor took to Instagram to bring light to the plight of animals during this time when many of us are afraid of venturing out of our houses and paying attention to them.
“Me janti hun hum sabkay freezers and kitchens is time over loaded hain, halaat jo bhi ho par bhook tu lagegi (I know all of us have our freezers and kitchens over loaded with food right now because no matter what, we’re going to get hungry), and food is the only entertainment we have these days,” she started off.

Ayeza has been quite active on her social media during the indefinite lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, spreading messages of safety and togetherness. Here’s hoping the worst passes soon.

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Shilpa Shetty admits that She is being insecured of her sister because of her skin tone

Shilpa Shetty recently appeared in an online interview with her sister Shamita Shetty and admitted to many things, including her insecurity.
Shamita then responded laughing, “Imagine, she’s given me a permanent cut and people think I have a temper.”
Not just that, Shilpa also confessed that when Shamita was debuting with Mohabbatein, she felt insecure. “I always felt she’s the better looking sister, the fairer one. She’s a better actress and a dancer. So I’ll admit this for the first time on this show that when she debuted, I did feel that nobody would give me work anymore.”

On the other hand, Shamita had a different battle to deal with. She shared, “In school, I was this girl who was athletic and good at sports. When I entered the film industry, it was suddenly different. It was a struggle to find my own identity. I knew about comparisons but the media was really harsh on me.”
But both the sisters explained how they found a way to bond after they matured and became closer than ever.

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Maria B’s husband arrested for sending corona positive cook back home

After intense scrutiny and rightful bashing on social media, Maria and Tahir sat down to post a lengthy clarification of the event, which in Tahir’s words, “is pure panic, especially at a time when the Prime Minister is urging people to not panic.”

Late Tuesday evening, Maria posted a video of herself crying in a particularly lavish room because of a ‘police encounter’ in the middle of the night. As sources came forward to testify, it was revealed that she and her husband Tahir Saeed had actually been criminally negligent in containing the spread of coronavirus by exposing their COVID-19 positive cook to the general public.
Suppose we were to test positive for COVID-19 which we haven’t – we both tested negative – are we criminals for it?” said Maria, holding up a copy of her husband’s lab reports as proof.

“My cook went to Vehari at a time when the pandemic had not hit Punjab and he came back on March 11. Around March 18, he complained of some symptoms, so I got Chughtai Lab to come over and run a test for him which came positive,” Maria relayed.
Here’s where the story takes an unusual turn. “Since we had no other guidance, we did what we thought was best. We asked him to quarantine with another family in the servant quarters,” Maria admitted in her own words.

She went on to say that the cook then pointed out how that other family was exposed to him so he might as well quarantine back home. “Without any government directive, what do you think we could’ve done? Keep him locked with us?” she questioned.

The two then defended their decision of letting him travel all the way back to his village. “We gave him proper directives, asking him to not travel in public transport. We even gave him extra money for that. He was to travel with his brother. We also made sure he had a spare room he could quarantine in,” they said.

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Here Deepika Padukone shows us how to eat and exercise in self-isolation

Deepika Padukone has been constantly sharing updates from her home via Instagram as many of us are staying home amidst the coronavirus outbreak.
The Bollywood star shared glimpses into her everyday life of what she eats and how she works out, including some of her beauty regimes and organisation tips.

As the pandemic has forced many parts of the world into self-isolation, Deepika took it upon herself to start a series of photos and videos which she titled ‘productivity in the time of COVID-19’.

The Padmaavat star showed her large following base cleaning her wardrobe, indulging in some self-care and focusing on staying fit. Recently, Deepika also shared photos of her juices and fruits as well as treating herself with some chocolate after her workout.

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Celebrities are making the most of their time under quarantine

With coronavirus making sure to keep everyone locked inside their safe sanctuaries, more and more people are finding it hard to look for entertainment within the confines of their home.

COVID-19 also does not discriminate between celebrities and the general public which means they’re under lock-down as well, and in true celeb fashion, many have taken to social media to document their quarantine shenanigans.
Here’s how celebs are using their down time – some are quite creative while others are wasting time (like many of us), while many other have valuable advice.



Maya Ali decided to spread a much-needed message – how to clean your house! The actor filmed a time lapse of herself scrubbing away at major points of contact in her home. “Let’s start from our home,” she wrote and this is one message we all need to put in effect immediately!

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Superstar Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are still together

The rumour mills were in overdrive with news of B-Town’s beloved couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor.
The latter being noticeably absent on Alia’s birthday had sparked break up controversies. Alia Bhatt however, recently refuted the rumours – not in words – but with the perfect Instagram post.
The Raazi star shared a picture of herself gazing at the sunset while standing in what looked like her balcony. However, it was the photo credit that gave all away. She addressed her favourite photographer Ranbir Kapoor: “Stay home and watch the sunset. PS, credit to my all time favourite photographer RK.”

Alia’s sister Shaheen also commented on the post and said, “So he only takes bad pictures of the rest of us then.” While Neetu Kapoor posted a heart emoji on the image. Guilty actor Akansha Ranjan Kapoor wrote, “Training my boyfriend to be more like yours.”
Alia and Ranbir were working on their first film, Brahmastra, together, before they decided to stay at home and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Alia had recently celebrated her 27th birthday with sister Shaheen and her girl gang. In videos and pictures shared online, Alia could be seen cutting not one, but two cakes as everyone sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

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Celebrities warn fans on staying protected against COVID-19

Coronavirus continues to make headlines across the world. The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has killed more than 6,500 people and infected more than 169,000. It has spread to more than 145 countries. This has understandably had the world on high alert, and even celebrities took to social media to react to the outbreak. We take a look at all of the celebrities:



Pakistan reported on Monday 50 more confirmed case of the coronavirus as the total number of cases reaches to more than 90.

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Indian Actor Dilip Kumar under observation over corona virus fears

Actor Dilip Kumar has revealed that he’s under self-imposed quarantine as a precautionary measure against the Coronavirus pandemic.
The 97-year-old actor shared a health update on Twitter, adding that his wife, actor Saira Banu, was ensuring he did not contract any infection.

“I am under complete isolation and quarantine due to the #CoronavirusOutbreak,” Kumar tweeted. “Saira has left nothing to chance, ensuring I do not catch any infection.”

Dilip Kumar aka Yusuf Khan has been struggling with age-related illness in recent years. Last week, Banu revealed that Kumar was recuperating from a “severe backache”. Banu said they had consulted doctors at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai and the actor was doing better.

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