Celebrities rally support for healthcare workers fighting coronavirus

Many pledged to not just extend support via social media, but also made donations and sent out calls for money to put together for ration packets for those affected severely by the crisis.
Singing sensation Atif Aslam took it upon himself to film a video for YouTube, with important messages for the general public. He also took to Instagram to post the video with a lengthy caption thanking people whose work falls under ‘essential’ work and have to work despite the risks involved.
“Thank you to the paramedics, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who are tirelessly and fearlessly working at the front line of this crisis, risking their own health every second,” he wrote.

He also thanked cleaners, to those producing, delivering, and selling food, to the government and army, and also those who are staying home.

Sports star Wasim Akram also took to Instagram to share a photo of his family, proudly holding a white flag in his hand in honour of doctors, nurses and paramedics.

“Big salute to all the heroic Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and medical at the front line fighting for us. #HumainTumSePyarHai,” he wrote.

Actor Resham heeded their call and posted a video of herself on her terrace with a white flag in her hand, singing ‘Humain tum se pyar hai’ (We love you).

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Atif Aslam, RFAK thank the doctors fighting corona, they call them ‘true soldiers’

Popular singers Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recently uploaded videos for their fans and all the doctors globally to provide their take on the current crisis. Both the stars thanked all the medical practitioners fighting the war against coronavirus and called them soldiers of the current world.
He added, “Just imagine for a bit, that these people do not exist, then the cures will also cease to exist. I pray that God protect them and their families from any sorrow and despair.” He further warned those who are still going outside, thinking highly of themselves, of ‘nature’s wrath’.

He said, “And why shouldn’t nature intervene? Six-year-old girls aren’t safe anymore. People are corrupting. And given the current circumstances, imagine a little girl saw her own parents die in a war-field and said, ‘I will complainto God about this,’ then God would have certainly heard her.”
He then made prayers for those who are obliged to go abroad to earn right now, along with the families who can’t even afford two meals in a day. “I pray that God extend your blessings,” said Aslam.
He then told the doctors who are stressed because of the current situation to send in their song requests so him so he can entertain them in these difficult times.
RFAK also made similar remarks in his recent video. He said, “The whole world fighting against coronavirus right now and no cure or vaccine is available at this point. So we all need to take precautions like not go outside and wash our hands.”

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Mehwish Hayat thinks Nadeem Baig single-handedly revived Pakistani cinema

Popular actor Mehwish Hayat recently uploaded an adorable picture of herself with the Punjab Nahi Jaungi (PNJ) director Nadeem Baig to wish him happy birthday.
She went on to add that she considers herself fortunate to have shared a decade-long with Baig and continued showering him with love.

Her caption read, “Happy Birthday to one of the foremost directors of our country and a very dear friend . You have almost single-handedly revived Pakistani cinema and in my opinion nobody understands our audience better than you do.”

The PNJ star added, “Be it Manjali, Dillagi, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Punjab Nahi Jaungi and now London Nahi Jaunga. It has always been a pleasure to work with you Nadeem . I consider myself fortunate to have been able share this incredible decade long journey with you and have learnt so much from the experience and I look forward to so many more .”

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Yasir Hussain showed his wish, I wanted to become a doctor at first

Celebrities in Pakistan are doing various things to keep themselves occupied during self-isolation. Actor Yasir Hussain made the best of his time in quarantine by holding a question and answer session for his fans.
Starting off with questions about his wife, Iqra Aziz, Yasir revealed that she is his best friend in the world. He also told his fans that Iqra’s cooking skills are a class apart. When asked about Iqra’s anger, Yasir revealed that she looks even cuter in that mood. On the subject of his favourite drama of Iqra, Yasir told fans to watch Jhooti while also hinting that he will be in the net episode.

“Yar mein Mrs Khan hoon? Direct poocho. Merey pass konsa case aya hoa unka ( Am I Mrs Khan. Ask them yourself. It’s not like I am handling their case,” he said.

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Lets know If Ali Zafar was the PM this is what he would do

Ali Zafar has been making quite the effort to swing back into groove after a rough few years and now, he seems to be teetering on edge as a political spokesperson and a singer.
Amid the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, Zafar has turned to social media to impart some much-needed PSA’s. However, much like a lot of us, Zafar initiated a Q/A session on his Instagram during which a fan asked him what he would do as the PM in the current situation.
Looking at his response, he seems to have a solid plan in place inside his head to clamp down on COVID-19 – he has a whole list, as a matter of fact. Here’s how some of it goes:
1) He would initiate a lock-down across the country – quite smart and the need of the hour, if you ask us.

2) He would provide food for the poor affected by the lock-down – also a good step.
3) Build national consensus and work in cohesion – yeah, we wish so too!

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Prince William to play King if the Queen goes under quarantine?

Experts have claimed that Prince William could soon take a more senior role in the Royal Family during the coronavirus pandemic. That is if the Queen and Prince Charles go into isolation, according to the Daily Mail.
Earlier this week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said people over the age of 70 will be told to self-isolate, even if they do not have symptoms. Since the Prince of Wales, 71, and Her Majesty, 93, are within this age group, as third-in-line to the throne the Duke of Cambridge may be required to provide a ‘physical presence’ of the monarchy.

It is also possible that Princess Beatrice, who is ninth-in-line to the throne, may be appointed as a Counselor of State during these uncertain times, while Prince Harry – who is officially no longer a working royal from March 31 – may also need to step in to provide assistance.
And Grant Harrold, who was a royal butler between 2004 and 2011, explained, “There has to be a physical presence to the monarchy, not just a virtual one. He’s third-in-line to the throne and in robust health like his brother, and COVID-19 is unlikely to be any serious threat for him or his wife or children. He will do a great job.”

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‘Baby Doll’ singer accused of hiding travel history after corona diagnos

Actor Kanika Kapoor recently became the subject of controversy after she was tested positive for COVID-19. The Baby Doll singer had returned from London to Mumbai after which, she had attended three parties as per her father, reported Times of India. However, the singer contests her father’s claims, noting that she had attended a small get together instead.
Nonetheless, the singe has come under scrutiny from both the authorities and her peers in the industry for possibly concealing her travel history.  U.P Police has already registered an FIR against her. Meanwhile, fellow singer, Sona Mohapatra has also lashed out against Kanika, deeming her behavior as completely irresponsible.

In a series of tweets, Mohapatra talked about how India could fall victim to a widespread outbreak of COVID-19 because of “irresponsible idiots”.
“The Coronavirus will explode because India is full of irresponsible idiots who ask everything from the government but do nothing in return,” Mohapatra tweeted.

She went on to give the example of Kanika.  “Case in point, Kanika Kapoor hid her travel history after landing in India (goddess knows how), attended events in Lucknow, Mumbai, went partying while staying in a five glowing star and has the virus! So all of you giving me gyan (knowledge) about how ‘simplistic’ the Prime Minister’s speech was. Was it really? #WeThePeople,” she said.

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Fahad Mustafa confessed,I had a crush on Iman Ali until I met her

Actor, producer and host Fahad Mustafa recently appeared in an online interview and discussed a lot of things, including his silence amid the Khalilur Rehman Qamar controversy, rumours surrounding his change of complexion and his crushes.
To this Fahad said that he only knows Khalilur Rehman as a writer, “I can’t do anything about his personal opinions and I don’t think he needs anyone to do anything about them.” He added, “I try and remain quiet. I don’t think that it’s important for us to comment on everything.”

Following the serious discussion, the two went on to play a game of ‘Never have I ever,’ to which Fahad was subjected to a series of bold questions. He admitted that he had a relationship with someone in the industry before his marriage and his heart had been broken “How else does one become an actor,” he says, “This is why actors today don’t know how to act.”
When questioned about whether he had a crush on any co-star, Fahad went on to reveal that he did on Vaneeza Ahmad and he does till date. “She’s also in one of my projects and whenever I talk to her, till today there is this weird smile on my face,” he confessed.

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Shaniera Akram emphasizes its need to aware for prevention of coronavirus spread

Amid rising cases of novel Coronavirus in the country, Shaniera Akram urged the masses to adopt proper preventive measures to protect themselves from the deadly virus.
She shared on Instagram, and said people must adopt hygiene and cleanliness, the best way to stay safe from Coronavirus is to prevent it by following the instructions given by public healthcare Management Consultants.

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Message of Deepika Padukone on COVID-19 pandemic that All of us are in this together

Bollywood bombshell Deepika Padukone has joined the ranks of celebrities leading by example in flattening the curve. The actor has joined the popular social media trend – the Safe Hands Challenge in which people are posting videos of themselves washing hands properly, reported Hindustan Times.

“COVID19 surely is an uphill health and public safety task, but all of us are in this fight together! I further nominate Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Virat Kohli to take up this challenge!” the actor said in the tweet accompanying the video.

The challenge was started by the World Health Organisation in order to promote safety precautions amid the current Coronavirus pandemic. “There are simple things we each must do to protect ourselves from COVID19, including Open hands washing with soap and splashing sweat symbol or an alcohol-based rub. WHO is launching the Safe Hands Challenge to promote the power of clean Open hands to fight coronavirus. Join the challenge and share your Open hands washing video!” the WHO had tweeted earlier.

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Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir Ready to kick off wedding festivities

After months of speculation about their wedding date, Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir are ready to sign the official papers.
Pressing start on their wedding festivities, the couple sat down for a traditional Mayun ceremony, pictures from which have been circulating social media.

Sajal, dressed in a simple orange gharara, looked every bit the glowing, happy bride that we’ve been anticipating. Ahad, on the other hand, also kept it simple in a traditional, white, kurta shalwar. 

Lovingly referred to as ‘Sahad’ by their fans, the two had dodged the question about their wedding since their June 2019 engagement, neither confirming nor denying any plans.

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What is Saba Qamar up to?

Actress Saba Qamar has often grabbed headlines for her eyebrow-raising photoshoots and this time around too, the fashionista left her fans in wonder with her latest photoshoot captioning ‘50 Shades of SQ’.
With her latest Instagram post, the actress looked chic in a leather jacket and knee-high boots in the picture.
Earlier, a video of her has gone viral in which she danced on an Indian song while traveling inside the car in Istanbul.

Saba Qamar will be seen playing the female lead role opposite Syed Jibran in her next film. Saba Qamar was last seen on the big screen in Pakistan in 2016’s ‘Lahore Se Aagey’.  In 2017, the actress marked her Bollywood debut with ‘Hindi Medium’ alongside Indian actor Irfan Khan and the starlet has recently wrapped up the shooting of Sarmad Khoosat’s directorial ‘Kamli’.

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