A LOT goes into planning a wedding – regardless of its size – so having a supportive and helpful network of friends and family can go a long way in ensuring the day goes to plan. 
It seems one bride has pushed all boundaries and has showcased an exquisite display of bridezilla moments when she imposed a string of unreasonable demands upon her teenage niece who, after showing an incredible sense of patience, finally lost her chill – and in the best possible way.
5 The bridezilla demanded her niece bake the wedding cake, even though she’d previously voiced her concerns about having no experienceCredit: FacebookThe conversation between a bride-to-be and her teenage niece has sparked outrage after it was posted to a private Facebook page.
The conversation started off tense, with the clearly frustrated bride asking about her long awaited cake – we get it, she wanted to knock some things of her wedding checklist,  sounds reasonable, right?
But as the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that the recipient isn’t actually a pastry chef she’d paid to make her wedding cake, it was actually her teenage niece who had never agreed to the cake baking to begin with – nor has she had any experience baking cakes of that level.
The bride wrote: “I’m gonna need an answer about the cake making by tonight, I’ve held plans off waiting for you but I can’t wait any longer… x”
5 In a brutal turn of events, the bride turned nasty when she didn’t get her wayCredit: FacebookTo which she followed up with another message: “Come on, I’ve been polite up to now but [your’re] being a bit rude. You think you’d know from your aunt how rough these weddings are lol”
Her niece, clearly confused, replied: “I think there’s been a miscommunication. I did say I’d be unable to help with the cake, I really do have absolutely no experience doing that kind of baking.
“If it’s fine with you I’d love to just come as your guest and perhaps try and bake you something nice after the fact!!”
The bride, who was clearly enraged at this point, hit back saying she “didn’t want perfection” and it would be as simple as “baking four sponges, cutting them to size and covering them in icing- I just need a vanilla or carrot cake, something simple.”
The niece remained calm but insisted she was not best suited to make her Aunt’s wedding cake because she lacked the know how and instead offered to help in another way.
5 The young teenager was instructed to make a simple carrot or sponge cake, cut to size, with added icingCredit: AlamyAnd at that point it seemed she could finally put her dress making skills to good use, because that was the next request. But as it turned out, she didn’t have ANY experience in that either – but that, too, left a sour taste in her Aunt’s mouth.
The fired up bride once again hit back: “Is there anything I can say that you’ll actually do? everyone else has been rushing to help us. The smaller jobs are things like designing and creating the reminders for guests and the final seating plan, but as it’s smaller, I’d prefer both being done together.”
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, the young niece once again turned down the request – but only because she was unsure how best to go about it.
She thoughtfully offered her expertise in other ways though, offering to “come by and help set up the wedding before the guests arrive.” – after all, that is still a thoughtful gesture for someone who was just supposed to be a guest at the wedding.
I think there’s been a miscommunication. I did say I’d be unable to help with the cake, I really do have absolutely no experience doing that kind of bakingAnonymous
I know what you’re thinking, is this real?  But you’ve come this far, so wait, we’re coming up to the best bit…
The bride-to-be is clearly blown away by the audacity of this disrespectful teenager, who outright refused to help in any way – ahem, note the sarcasm here.
Fed up with her niece, she hit back: “This is why people say [you’re] lazy and you’ll  have problems later on in life.”
To which the niece replied: “I don’t think anybody says that but I’ll write it on the inside of my wrist  for later to keep me grounded, thanks”
5Credit: Facebook5 People reading the conversation were outraged, but expressed their appreciation for the young girl’s come back which ultimately put the bride back in her placeCredit: FacebookAnd in a final bid to insult the teenager, the enraged bride dropped one last bomb.
She said: “There’s a special place in hell for people who are this selfish. I’m messaging your mum in a minute, I might be thinking of rearranging your invitation.
And to prepare you for the shut down of the century, let me remind you of the cake baking request at the start of the story…
The niece concluded: ” You’ll be waiting a few hours, she’s in the kitchen making me a four-tiered carrot cake lol It’s  only taken her four minutes and a YouTube tutorial.”
Adding: “Please don’t message me on here again”
The post has since racked up over a thousand likes, with hundreds of comments by people who can’t even fathom the thought of any bride behaving in such a way – not least to her own teenage niece.
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