Rock Clothing: How Rock Stars Changed Fashion Forever

It starts, like everything else, with Elvis Presley. Before the boy from Memphis first shimmied his way onstage, fashion and music were only connected in as much as artists had to wear something when they performed. After him, rock stars would be the biggest influence on what young people wore for the next half a century.It wasn’t just Presley’s charisma that made music the primary channel for influencing – and defining – youth identity. Rock and roll – or, at least, his whiter, more sanitised, more marketable version of it – exploded into life at the same time as the concept of the teenager. In the ’50s, kids suddenly found themselves with leisure time, and with money. They spent both on music, and then, the clothes that their icons wore. As mass media collapsed the walls that locked people out of culture, young people started to define themselves less through class or locality. You were what you listened to, and you told people what you listened to through your wardrobe. Elvis Presley, 1956“When Elvis broke onto the scene in the mid-’50s, he made it cool to be an outsider,” says Zoey Goto, a journalist and author of the book Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits. “Ripping up the rulebook, Elvis’s style communicated that it was now okay for guys to wear pink, for white boys to wear zoot suits, and for your wardrobe to differ from your dad’s. Overnight, Elvis radically changed the way that the youth of America dressed itself.”For the 50 years that followed, rock stars were the world’s style influencers. Each new sound, from glam to mod to punk to metal to grunge, brought a new look and new tribes who clamoured for its key pieces. Subcultures defined themselves in opposition to what came before: punks rejected glam’s sequins and platforms in battered leather and ripped jeans; grunge rejected metal’s studs and leather in second-hand knitwear. The Small Faces, 1960sAdmittedly, rock music’s immediate fashion influence has waned over the last decade, as menswear has become more risk-taking and guitars have been supplanted at the sharp end of the charts by synths and drum machines. But its legacy endures – so much so that they may as well hand out leather jackets with every Fender Stratocaster.The Evolution Of Rock ClothingThe Elvis youthquake struck in the ’50s, but by the ’60s, his influence was waning. “The ’50s was the golden era when Elvis had the most direct influence on the man on the street,” says Goto. “Beyond that, although Elvis spent much of the ’60s starring in movies, some of his onscreen outfits still managed to strike a style chord, such as the iconic hibiscus print shirt worn in Blue Hawaii.”That decade instead belonged to The Beatles, who inspired their fans into Beatle boots, black suits and bowl-like mop tops. By the end of the ’60s, as the band – and rock music more widely – started dabbling in psychedelics, fashion got countercultural, too; military uniforms were ripped-up and repurposed as a statement against America’s involvement in Vietnam, and wearing DIY gear like tie-dye shirts and self-made jewellery marked you out as someone who’d turned on, tuned in and dropped out. The Beatles, 1963The death of the decade of peace and love, marked by a Hell’s Angels-organised murder at the Rolling Stones notorious Altamont concert in December 1969, also heralded a fragmenting of the rock landscape. Sounds diverged, and so did style, from the over-the-top glam of Bowie, Slade and T. Rex, to the country-tinged southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival, who signalled their good-ole-boy backgrounds with western shirts, leather vests and the occasional cowboy hat. The Rolling Stones, 1976Then came punk, the bomb that blew up how rock music sounded and how it looked. Where glam embraced spectacle, punk was about authenticity, and strove to make music democratic again. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t play your instruments – if you could learn three chords, you could write a punk record.And if you couldn’t afford proper fashion, so what? Battered jeans, bombproof Dr Martens and a leather jacket would do. Its influence endures today, from the look’s originator, Vivienne Westwood (and all those designers inspired by her) through to Raf Simons’s punk and post-punk fits, or Undercover’s graphic tees. The Clash, 1977The ’80s saw pop bands nudge rock out of the mass-fashion conversation, but their ubiquity and uniformity set the scene for grunge – like punk, it clapped back against the mainstream with thrift shop finds that put a countercultural spin on middle-aged favourites like knitted cardigans and checked shirts.Its impact was immediate (and controversial) when designer Marc Jacobs tapped the look for his 1993 Perry Ellis collection. It got him fired, but also made his name – and inspired grunge’s real fans to decry his high-fashion (and high-priced) versions of their second-hand favourites. Kurt Cobain, 1993By the ’90s, rock music’s hegemony was being challenged. Pop was re-ascendant, and rap was frightening mothers in ways that guitar music hadn’t in decades. Though the Britpop wars re-ran the battles of the ’60s between mods and rockers, it was rave and hip-hop that had the most sartorial influence – the decade still looks like either sagged jeans or bucket hats, depending on whether you obsessed over Compton or the Hacienda.The 2000s provided perhaps rock music’s last big trend, as the (now much regretted) indie boom drove a generation of young, asymmetrically haircutted men into the women’s section of Topshop, where they loaded up on skinny jeans and too-small T-shirts.Still, though rock’s decades-old signifiers survived – scrawled-on T-shirts, beaten-up denim jacket and Converse that had seen better days still lived in the wardrobes of any man who refused to remove his Reading Festival wristband. And they still abide, even if you haven’t listened to a song with guitars in for the last decade. Clockwise from top left: Celine AW19, Saint Laurent SS19, Raf Simons AW06, Vivienne Westwood AW195 Seminal Rock Looks And How To Wear Them TodayElvis’s Jailhouse Rock Double-DenimOkay, so it’s a costume for a film, but inmate Elvis’s jeans, denim jacket and Breton top – arguably the most stylish prison uniform of all time – turned into a case of life imitating art. In the film, Elvis’s performance in a nationally broadcast, jailhouse talent show turns him into a sensation once he gets out.It turned out to be just as influential in reality, inspiring not just the modern music video, but also the way a generation dressed, by presenting a cleaned-up spin on the battered denim the beatniks had adopted as a uniform. Elvis, 1957How To Wear It TodayDouble denim never dies. “It’s a timeless look,” says Goto. A few years ago, we’d have advised you update it with a slimmer cut and some differentiation between the shades. Today? Wear it exactly as Elvis did – although maybe swerve the quiff unless you’re actually heading to a costume party.Mick Jagger’s ’70s TailoringJagger’s been a rock style lodestar since the ’60s, and still wears skinnies and a silk scarf better than almost anyone. But for all the flamboyance, it’s the bad boy edge he brought to grown-up clothes that still resonates (there are not that many opportunities to try a suede jumpsuit offstage after all).After being busted for possession in 1967, he turned up to court three years later in a trim, tweed double-breasted suit that he wore as nonchalantly as if he were in town to challenge a parking ticket. Mick Jagger, 1970How To Wear It TodayJagger often wore his sensible tailoring over a floral shirt – and that mix of formal and fun is precisely how you should approach your suits today. For every buttoned-up element, add a note of something unexpected, be it chunky trainers, a track top or, like Mick, something silky. It’s the rock and roll way.David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust JumpsuitsBefore Bowie, rock stars were just people, only more famous – the man on stage was no different from the version you might bump into in the street. Bowie created characters; in the Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust or Aladdin Sane, he could move between identities and images, reinventing himself and his music.Ziggy’s sequined jumpsuits and mane of red hair were arguably his most iconic look, and were revolutionary for the way they challenged gender norms. Today’s androgynous designers and pop stars owe him a debt. David Bowie, 1973How To Wear It TodayIf Bowie leaves any legacy, it’s about the confidence to wear whatever you damn well please, and to make your wardrobe work for your identity. So if sequins aren’t for you, you can still tap his look in a neutral boiler suit or even dungarees – just add a tee beneath and a jacket on top to turn it into a workwear spin on the tracksuit.The Ramones Beaten-Up UniformThe Ramones had a wardrobe that was even simpler than their songs (and there are few things simpler than that). Converse, drainpipe jeans, biker jacket – just swap in whatever T-shirt suits your mood / is clean that day.Just as punk’s influence never entirely leaves the charts, this archetypal spin on the rock and roll look remains the blueprint for everyone from Anthony Vaccarello at Saint Laurent to Hedi Slimane at Celine. Its beauty lies in both its ease, and its customisability – it’s up to you how blown-out you wear the knees of your jeans, or how battered you like your leather jackets. The Ramones, 1978How To Wear It TodayDon’t overcomplicate things. Maybe a little less leg skin on show would be no bad thing, but at heart, this is an outfit that resigns from trends in favour of something timeless. Keep it tight, keep it dark and keep it lived-in.The Strokes Mid-’00s Ode To Rock ClothingSome would argue that the Strokes’ skinny jeans and black boots were just a 21st century spin on the Ramones’s template, but we’d ask what’s wrong with that? The proof of its efficacy is in all those photos that lurk in the depths of your Facebook profile – skinny jeans, trucker jackets, Chelsea boots and tees featuring bands you kept meaning to actually listen to (Spotify, how we needed you then).Albert Hammond Jr and co were also more adventurous than you remember – the odd leopard print shirt, striped blazer or suede jacket would always find its way onto their tour bus. The Strokes performing in New York, 2004How To Wear It TodayThe Strokes built almost every look around denim, then played with silhouette by mixing up shapes – skinny jeans and boxy blazers, or skinny jeans and cropped Harringtons, or (yes) skinny jeans and loose safari jackets. It’s all about playing with form until you find something that makes simple pieces feel stage-ready.5 Pieces Of Rock Clothing To Add To Your WardrobeThe Leather JacketThis is rock and roll wardrobe 101. The leather jacket comes in thousands of different guises, but you want a Perfecto-style biker jacket that, ideally, doesn’t look brand new. If your allegiances lie with punk, then daub curses on the back. If you’re more grunge, sleep in it for a week. If you’re more Elvis, try it with matching leather trousers. Black JeansA wardrobe building block that, depending on the fit and the degree of brutality you enact upon them, could steer you anywhere from emo to hair metal. Whichever way you go with your black jeans, odds are you want them slim and with at least a couple of cigarette burns in the thigh. Black SunglassesThe real show happens backstage. And then, at some point, you wake up and have to face either your fans, your press or your tour manager. Black – very, very black – sunglasses will hide the damage and help you face the daylight without throwing up. Or they’ll at least make you look like you’ve been up to something more interesting than a night in with Netflix. The SuitThe rock and roll suit is a pick-your-poison option. If you’re a Specials fan, it should be black. If you dig Pulp, then go corduroy. If you’re more Jimi Hendrix, then think Gucci-alike crushed velvet, with optional silk scarf knotted around your neck. A Pair Of ConverseConverse was the go-to footwear choice for everyone from Dee Dee Ramone to Kurt Cobain, so much so that the original basketball shoe is more famous these days for time spent in the moshpit than on the court. Any style will do, whether you prefer plain white or leopard print, but one truth endures – boxfresh Cons are about as rock and roll as your mum’s Abba LPs.

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Many Ways to Update Your Beauty Bag

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Shoot For The Stars
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Prince Andrew’s decades of unpleasantness revealed — from his huge ego to the diva-like meltdowns – The Sun

FAR from being Prince Charming, the Duke of York is renowned for being breathtakingly arrogant, self-serving and boorish.
It came as no surprise to royal watchers, then, that so few have leapt to his defence during the worst week of his royal life — and so many have seized the opportunity to stick the knife in.
14 Prince Andrew is known among royals for being breathtakingly arrogant, self-serving and boorishCredit: BBC14 So it came as no surprise that so few were in his corner in the wake of his Newsnight interviewCredit: BBC Newsnight14 Here we explain how this rude royal ended up isolating himself and found loyalty to himself in short supplyCredit: BBCDecades of unpleasantness have left the 59-year-old isolated, with only his perpetual ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, left to fight his ­corner.
A source said last night: “Prince Andrew has very few friends. And most of his older friends have dropped him as too pompous. His days are rather empty.”
It was his signature arrogance, baffled insiders say, that convinced Andrew — against advice — to go through with the Newsnight ­interview about his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
He must have believed he would be charming enough to see off, once and for all, the allegations that he slept with teenager Virginia Roberts — something he strenuously denies.
In reality, that plan has spectacularly backfired. Charm has never been the prince’s strong suit.
Today Andrew cuts a lonely figure, with sponsors and charities rushing to disassociate themselves from the increasingly toxic prince’s projects and new allegations of racist remarks on top of everything else.
For a man who prides himself so much on his loyalty to his friends — telling the Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis in his interview his fatal flaw is that he is simply “too honourable” — Andrew has found loyalty to himself in short ­supply.
Here we look at all the ways he’s driven people away . . .
The horrible boss
14 Prince Andrew treats his staff ‘in a shocking, appalling way’, making them shower him with adoration during his Dragons’ Den-style Pitch@Palace eventsCredit: PA:Press AssociationANDREW is notoriously rude to staff. One former royal aide confided: “I’ve seen him treat his staff in a shocking, appalling way.
“He’s been incredibly rude to his personal protection officers, literally throwing things on the ground and demanding that they ‘f***ing pick them up’. No social graces at all.”
Other flunkies are apparently expected to tend to his ego.
Private Eye has reported that during his Dragons’ Den-style Pitch@Palace events, his staff know to make copious notes and hold up recording devices while he holds forth — so he knows they are giving them the adoration he is confident he deserves.The aide rage
14 One incident with an aide got so heated that the Duke was told to apologise by Prince Charles, but he never didCredit: GettyIN September of this year it was reported that Andrew flew into such a rage at a top palace aide that Prince Charles had to step in to insist he apologise.
The fuming Duke of York got “very cross” in the heated exchange, said to be about a work-related issue.
It was reported that the row almost came to blows, with Andrew squaring up to the aide, although the Palace refused to confirm this.
Mortified Charles demanded his brother apologise — something a royal insider said the Duke failed to do.The rude language
14 It’s not just staff that he’s rude to – he has been accused of speaking ‘cockily’, verging on rude, during an official engagementCredit: AP:Associated PressIN 2010, Wikileaks revealed a secret cable from a US ambassador who described how the Duke of York, then a UK special representative on trade, had spoken “cockily” during an official engagement, leading to a discussion that “verged on rude”.
In the cable, written in 2008, Tatianna Gfoeller, Washington’s ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, wrote of “rude language à la British” and described how Andrew had railed against the Senior Fraud Office and journalists who “poke their noses everywhere” and made disparaging comments about France.
It seems that Andrew had a peculiar knack of offending the very people it was his job to court on behalf of British business during his dubious tenure as a trade envoy.The buffoon highness
14 Sir Ivor Roberts told how he ‘rubbed people up the wrong way’, leaving others to clear up the mess he left behindCredit: Wikimedia Commons/Deryck ChanSIR Ivor Roberts, an ambassador to Rome between 2003 and 2006, described how Andrew “rubbed people up the wrong way.”
When one head of a major fashion house introduced herself, he rudely responded: “Never heard of you.”
Sir Ivor said it was down to his team to clear up the mess Andrew had made.
Britain’s former deputy head of mission in Bahrain, Simon Wilson, has also described how officials gave Andrew the nickname “His Buffoon Highness”, because of how he would childishly do the opposite of whatever had been agreed ahead of a visit with staff.
Mr Wilson added waspishly: “Colleagues put this behaviour down to an inferiority complex about being mentally challenged.”The protection racket
14 The Duke always had to get his own way and was angered when security were doing their job and trying to protect his motherCredit: EPATHIS is a prince who likes to get his own way, even if it means abusing those meant to protect him and his gilded family.
Paul Page, a former royal protection officer, told how Andrew had screamed at security when they rushed to investigate an intruder lurking in the corridor near the Queen’s bedroom — only to find it was actually the prince.
Faced with officers simply doing their job, Andrew yelled: “This is my f***ing home, I can go where I want, now f*** off.”The jet-setting snob
14 The prince, dubbed Air Miles Andy, had a royal meltdown when he was told to go through normal airport security proceduresCredit: Dan Charity – The SunFAMOUSLY dubbed “Air Miles Andy” for his incessant jet-setting, the Prince’s overseas visits not always ran smoothly.
He had a meltdown at Melbourne airport in Australia, in 2005, refusing to go through the normal security procedures like the rest of the riff raff.
But indignant Australian officials refused to indulge him. One later told local Press: “Who does he think he is? What a pompous prat.
“Everyone has to go through security screening. He should be happy to do so and set an example.”The guest of dishonour
14 Instead of staying at the British High Commissioner’s luxury Delhi residence, Andrew splashed taxpayers’ cash at the eye-wateringly expensive Maharaja Suite at the Leela PalaceCredit: GettyMANY have given in to his outrageous demands over the years — including the Foreign Office.
During a trip to India in 2012, when Andrew refused to stay at the British High Commissioner’s luxury Delhi residence, as his brother and heir to the throne Charles had done on a previous visit, he instead stayed at the eye-wateringly expensive Maharaja Suite at the Leela Palace — at UK taxpayers’ expense.The missing mates
14 Apparently he is ‘incompetent’ when it comes to his social life, so he’s either alone or surrounded by ‘incredibly dodgy people’Credit: Rex FeaturesPERHAPS it is little wonder that this petulant prince has few real friends.
A source who has known him for many years said Andrew was “incompetent” when it came to his social life.
The source went on: “He surrounds himself with these incredibly dodgy people.
“He travels so much, when he comes back he is either playing golf, if he can find any friends to play with, or he is leading quite a lonely life. It’s not like he goes to parties all the time.
“He has got these so-called friends who drop by when he is in this country, and there is usually a stream of transient girls.”The mummy’s boy
14 The Queen’s favourite son has indulged his every whim – breeding in a stubborn streakCredit: EPAANDREW’S biggest problem, many believe, is that he is a classic spoiled younger son.
For years the Queen — who is said to view him as her “favourite” — has ignored his foibles and indulged his every whim, breeding in a stubborn streak.
One former friend confided: “Andrew does stupid things out of hubris, to show that he can do them . . . He thinks he can power his way through everything.”Rammed gate with his 4×4
14 Instead of taking a minor detour Andrew decided to try and ram the broken gates openCredit: Simon Jones – The SunANDREW often acts like a childish yob, such as when he rammed gates near his home with his Range Rover.
He was travelling to Royal Lodge in March 2016 when he arrived at Windsor Great Park to find the gates’ sensors broken.
He could have taken a one-mile detour. But no.
He threw a tantrum and tried to ram the gates open, causing thousands of pounds of damage to them – which the taxpayer ultimately paid for.Joker prince so egocentric
14 Many guests have claimed that he was only happen when he was either speaking about himself or had women fawning all over himCredit: Coleman-RaynerGUESTS who have been to parties with Andrew say he is only really comfortable if he has women fawning all over him.

He is said to struggle when the conversation is about anything other than himself.
LatestGRAND DOLE DUKE Prince Andrew quits royal duties and offers to help Epstein scandal cops ExclusiveOUT OF MA’AM’S WAY ‘Disappointed’ Queen stripped Andrew of duties after Charles stepped in AIR PANIC ‘Air rage’ passenger, 26, ‘who tried to open Jet2 plane door’ sobs at court DRIVEN TO DESPAIR NHS nurse, 35, killed herself as 12-hr shifts stopped her settling down PARK SEX ATTACK Woman raped in park while two men stood and watched in ‘despicable attack’ dr no way Andrew’s ex Victoria Hervey says Ghislaine is like Bond villain & won’t be found An acquaintance said: “One minute you’re having your bum pinched, the next he is reminding you he is Your Royal Highness.”
Another said the prince was, “boorish”, and added that he, “interrupts you and laughs at his own jokes”.
Prince Andrew says he is ‘stepping back’ from royal duties over Epstein scandal and offers to help policeGOT a story? RING The Sun on 0207 782 4104 or WHATSAPP on 07423720250 or EMAIL exclusive@the-sun.co.uk

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Margarita Annabe Guest Lecture – 23 November

12 Dec Influencer expert, Margarita Annabe speaks to MBA Luxury Students

Posted at 16:30h
in News
by British School of Fashion

On Friday 23 November, the British School of Fashion were delighted to welcome Margarita Annabe from Dazl Media on to the British School of Fashion campus for a special guest lecture on digital marketing influencers.
Margarita Annabe is a digital marketing specialist who runs marketing agency, Dazl Media, specialising in influencer campaigns. Having studied a luxury Masters programme herself, she was keen to pass on her marketing knowledge and experience to the MBA Luxury Brand Management students.
The class focused on how an influencer campaign works as part of a wider branding strategy. Margarita used many of her own clients as case studies and looked into the future with some examples of AI driven avatar Influencers including Lil Miquela (a CGI influencer).
Margarita said via Instagram “I am so honoured to have been invited to GCU London by my former professor Tim Jackson last week to speak about life after I finished the course.
Margarita (Centre) with MBA Luxury Brand Management students
“This world leading program in Luxury Brand Management has facilitated my journey on to become an entrepreneur with my own influencer marketing agency; Dazl Media. “It really equipped me with the tools and strategies I needed to begin a new career in the global luxury market.
“I was so excited to speak about what I have been learning in the process of setting up DAZL – we covered influencer marketing trends, the most iconic and successful influencer marketing campaigns by major players to date, and I was able to share some of the amazing success stories that have come from clients that I have done influencer marketing campaigns with during the course of this year.
“I am living proof that that studying this course really can transform your life and career and help you manifest doing what you love to do most!”
Find out more about the innovative MBA Luxury Brand Management programme and the exciting guest speakers we have as part of our Luxury Perspectives in Practice module over on our course pages.

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Quand l’univers de la beauté passe en mode digital

Quand l’univers de la beauté passe en mode digital

Après la mode, c’est au tour de la beauté d’investir le prometteur univers de la réalité augmentée, les grandes marques rivalisant d’imagination pour s’inscrire dans les usages digitaux de ses clientes.

Selected by PROMOSTYL La beauté en réalité augmentée
Quoi de mieux que d’utiliser la technologie offerte par les réseaux sociaux pour séduire encore plus de clientes ? C’est du moins la stratégie de nombreuses marques de cosmétiques qui, à l’image de l’Oréal, nous proposent de tester leurs produits directement en ligne, via leurs plateformes digitales. Ainsi, le groupe français a imaginé une nouvelle opération en partenariat avec Snapchat permettant aux usagers d’essayer les 28 teintes du rouge à lèvres liquide SuperStay Matte Ink, de Maybelline New York, directement derrière leur écran, comme s’ils utilisaient n’importe quel filtre de l’application. Un projet inédit, entièrement conçu par Modiface, son studio de beauté en réalité augmentée nommé ModiFace et racheté en 2018 par le géant français de la beauté.

Selected by PROMOSTYL Des expériences “phygitales”
De la même manière, NYX Professional Makeup propose dans ses boutiques un Beauty Bar qui propose des tutoriels sur-mesure grâce à des écrans intégrés aux miroirs, des solutions d’affichage dynamique au cœur des rayons et même un community wall sur lequel les fashionistas peuvent partager instantanément leurs plus belles créations sur les réseaux sociaux, y compris lorsqu’elles se trouvent dans la boutique. Une expérience « phygitale » lucrative, comme le démontrent les interminables files d’attente qui se forment devant chacune de leurs nouvelles adresses.

Selected by PROMOSTYL Essai du maquillage en réalité augmentée, mais aussi diagnostic beauté online, tablettes tactiles munies d’applications ludiques permettant aux vendeurs d’interagir avec la clientèle : Marionnaud prend également le tournant de la transformation digitale directement en magasin. Résultat ? Outre une attractivité notable, ces points de vente nouvelle génération permettent également de récolter un volume considérable de données client qui viennent affiner l’analyse du comportement d’achat et, par extension, l’offre de services et produits en boutiques. Ou quand le digital remet le retail au goût du jour.

Selected by PROMOSTYL

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12 Traits of Webinars That Convert (& Turn Leads into Sales)

While webinars might sound old school, most B2B marketers still say that they are the most effective form of content marketing for their companies. 
While a jam-packed webinar is a beautiful thing, you know what’s better than filling your funnel with webinar leads? Converting those leads into customers.

The key to turning webinar leads into sales is giving your prospects a clear path forward. Too often, we focus on creating great webinar content and hosting an engaging webinar, which are both important, but we don’t spend enough time on the next step.

According to research from InsideSales.com, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads. With this in mind, you don’t want to let these valuable leads languish in post-webinar purgatory. Here are nine simple ways to convert more webinar leads into sales.
How to Host Webinars That Convert
1. Pick a topic that’s relevant to your industry.
Is there a problem point, trend, or other topic that people in your industry are particularly buzzing about or reaching out to you for guidance on? If so, this could be a great topic that drives in webinar signups, attendees, and possibly conversions. 
If your business offers solutions or services related to the topic or pain point discussed in the webinar, that’s even better. This will give you a platform where you can inform the audience about the topic, demonstrate your expertise in it, and then promote the product or service that corresponds in it. People who feel that your brand is knowledgeable about a certain pain point might trust that you’ve created a great solution that can help them/
2. Consider letting a thought leader or credible customer host.
By having a thought leader host, you can also demonstrate knowledge, expertise, and credibility in your industry. If people follow the thought leader, promoting the webinar and noting that this person is a host might also drive sign ups and attendees. 
If you have a customer with a large amount of credibility in your industry who can talk about strategies they’ve used related to a certain topic while possibly intertwining mentions of your product in the webinar, this is a definite bonus. This way, listeners are getting the knowledge and advice that they’re craving, but they’re also getting a trustworthy endorsement of your product directly from someone who’s used it.
3. Make the webinar interactive.
As you and your host plan the webinar, come up with ways to make it interactive for the customer. Interactivity adds to the experience and can also be valuable to the listener.
For example, if your webinar system allows listeners to submit comments, consider including points in your webinar where you ask the listeners to reply with their strategies. Then read and discuss the best ones. You could also allow time at the end where webinar listeners could ask questions and the host could answer two or three of the best ones. 
If your webinar system doesn’t allow questions, you could include this as a piece of the promotion. For example, if you post a link to the webinar signup page on your social channels, ask those interested to comment on your promotional post with a question for the host. Then similarly ask the best ones and give a shout out to the person who asked the question. 
Another way you can get more interactive is by polling the audience, if that feature is available on your webinar system. This, again, makes the experience more interactive and entertaining for your audiences. But, additionally, they can view and learn from the results of other peers watching the webinar.
All in all, an interactive experience will create value and potentially please the prospect into signing up for more webinars or even investing in your product.
9 Easy Ways to Convert Webinar Leads into Sales
1. Poll your audience to see who’s ready to buy.
At GoToWebinar, we always use multiple polls during our webinars. They grab attendees’ attention and prompt them to take part in the action. Poll responses provide handy insights you can use to segment your audience by need, interest level, industry, and more, too.
Polling your attendees during the webinar will also help you find out if they’re interested in learning more about your company or talking to a sales representative. Bear in mind, this technique is not suited for top-of-the-funnel webinars that are unrelated to your product. You don’t want to hit attendees with a “buy now” message when they are still in the discovery phase.
Additionally, polling your attendees during the webinar — rather than polling them in a post-webinar email — will yield a much higher response rate. If attendees respond in the affirmative, pass them to your sales team for follow-up.
If you get a lot of positive poll responses, take time at the end of your webinar to demo your product or show your attendees how they can purchase it. Those who aren’t interested can hop off and those who are interested will appreciate the extra info.
2. Send a post-webinar survey.
Sending attendees a quick survey right after the webinar is a great way to see if your content resonated with them, capture additional attendee insights, and gauge attendee interest in your product.
If you didn’t ask them these questions during the webinar, ask them who’s ready to take the next step in a post-webinar survey. You can also use survey responses to segment your webinar attendees and tailor your follow up marketing messages.
3. Involve your sales team in the webinar.
Collaboration between marketing and sales sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to overlook. To involve the sales team in your webinars, make sure they know what webinars are on the calendar and what topic they’ll cover. This will help the sales team prepare more thorough follow-up communication with webinar leads and keep your marketing efforts aligned with your company’s sales goals.
At GoToWebinar, we recommend going a step further and having sales reps join the webinar. They can even help run the webinar, fielding and answering attendee questions.
By taking part in the webinar, sales reps will get familiar with the topic. They’ll also notice that most attendees are engaged, which will make them all the more motivated to follow-up. This sets the groundwork to seamlessly pass the top webinar leads from marketing to sales.
4. Follow up within 24 hours.
While it’s still fresh in their minds, send out your first email follow-up to webinar attendees and no-shows within 24 hours of the webinar. Your audience expects to receive the webinar recording and presentation slides, regardless if they showed up or not.
Prospects also love when companies include a link to a follow-up blog post that summarizes the webinar content and answers some of the top attendee questions. Sure, it takes extra planning and a quick turnaround to do this, but you’re fostering a relationship with these prospects — this type of targeted content is key to converting your audience down the line.
5. Identify hot, warm, and cold leads.
You don’t have to use all three lead categories, but at the very least, divide your leads into hot leads that are ready for sales and ones that need to be nurtured.
We’ve already discussed two ways to identify hot leads — using a poll or survey — but you also have access to a lot of other data that can help you pinpoint where leads are in their buyer’s journey.
Look at data like:
Registration responses: go beyond only asking for name and email on your webinar registration form. Ask more probing questions that will help segment and personalize your marketing.
Attendee interest rating: if you’re using a solution like GoToWebinar or Zoom Video Webinar, you will have webinar reports that display your attendees’ engagement level over the course of the webinar.
Previous marketing engagement: this includes web behavior, content downloads, and prior webinar activity.
6. Send personalized follow-ups to hot leads.
Passing on your sales-ready webinar leads with specific instructions for how to follow up will increase the odds your sales team will close these prospects. You could also go a step further and provide your sales reps with a customizable email template. The easier you make their job, the more likely they’ll hit it out of the park.
This follow-up messaging should relate to the webinar content, provide value, and offer help. It’s also effective to personalize these messages as much as possible based on what you know about each prospect.
7. Nurture warm and cold leads.
Even if some of your webinar leads aren’t ready to buy today, you don’t want to waste the opportunity of closing them when they do become ready to buy. Putting warm and cold webinar leads into your existing nurture tracks based on your usual segmentation will boost the chances that they’ll contact your company when they’re thinking about purchasing your solution.
Alternatively, you can create a webinar-specific nurturing track for these leads, if you have the resources. As you develop your nurturing content, think about what stage of the buying cycle the various segments of your attendees are in and identify other key content assets you can offer in your nurturing stream that build on your webinar content.
The length of the nurturing stream will depend on your sales cycle, but four to six weeks is a good place to start.
8. Retarget your webinar leads.
Creating retargeting campaigns for your webinar leads will keep your brand top of mind. Again, you can segment these audiences based off their responses, interest level, and previous marketing engagement, but the point is to keep your leads warm and move them through each stage of the journey.
Remember, retargeting ads should complement your other marketing tactics. You don’t want to email webinar leads with a discount offer and retarget them with an awareness ad at the same time.
9. Always empower leads to take action.
It’s always better to make it easy for your prospects to take the next step in their buyer’s journey. Even if your leads aren’t quite ready to become customers, give them the ability to keep learning with additional resources and ways to engage. Whether it’s during the webinar or in your follow-up emails, including a clear call to action and highlighting its benefit will entice your audience to take the next step with your business.
Webinar leads are some of your best leads.
A recent GoToWebinar study on content engagement revealed that people are willing to spend more time with a webinar than any other type of content. These are some of your most engaged leads, so make sure you have a plan to convert them. If you’re not ready for all these tactics, just start with a couple and you could see your webinar conversions gradually take off.
Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in November 2017 but was updated in November 2019 for comprehensiveness.

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Gigantic Adventures with Bubblegummers children’s shoes

This post was sponsored by Bubblegummers – Bata shoes.

Are you familiar with Bubblegummers children’s shoes? Until recently we didn’t know this label existed but then we were asked to be apart of the Bubblegummers Spring / Summer 2019 Gigantic Adventures campaign… Lia received some shoes and were told to go “adventure”! What could be better? Eliana got a pair to try as well.

Our first impressions of the shoes and the Spring / Summer collection?
That signature Bubble Smell…
The Bubblegummers signature scent is undeniable and you won’t be able to hide these shoes. A sole with Bubblegum essence enhances the brand identity but also puts a smile on everyone’s face. I kind of wish my shoes could smell this good…
Bubblegummers shoes are all about the kids…
Aimed to please their little wearers the Bubblegummers range includes casual shoes perfect for everyday wear and also glitzy, stylish designs perfect for special occasions. Every shoe is comfortable and has just the right amount of “fun” to make our girls want to keep them on forever!

The Lilac Cupcake and Icecream girls. sandals are her absolute favourite. These have gone to school, church, the movies, and even bed. That’s right, I have to slip them off Lia’s feet at night after she’s sound asleep.
More about Bubblegummers children’s shoes…
Worn by generations of children who have lasting memories of their first pair of Bubblegummers, these fun, youthful shoes offer the latest fashions while providing great support for growing feet.
Every pair is designed with the highest standards of technology so that kids can be kids, enjoying activities with the comfort and safety necessary for development and exploration in these early years.
Bubble Grip helps keep little ones on their feet…
The non-slip inlays found in every pair help maintain children’s stability and reduces the risk of falling and stumbling. This is supported by an outsole design that allows greater adhesion to different types of surfaces.

Bubble Health for “clean” feet…
All Bubblegummers shoes have sanitised insoles to avoid odours caused by bacteria.

Bubble feet for every child…
Bubblegummers make shoes for kids ages 2 to 10 years old with sizes starting at toddler size 6 going up to 10 and kids’ size 11 up to 3. That’s incredible and a BIG BONUS for fellow mamas with more than one child!

Boys and girls are spoiled for choice with a variety of dress shoes, takkies, and sandals.
Where to buy Bubblegummers children’s shoes:
The entire range is available at Edgars stores nationwide. Just follow the sweet bubblegum smell, you’re sure to find them. Prices start at R299.95 and go up to R399.95
You can also shop online at Zando.

2. Also, be sure to like and share our share this post on Facebook (simply click on the share button below) and tag all your fellow shoe-loving friends, letting them join in the fun!

Good luck guys, let the guessing games begin!

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Discover the New Look of Batsheva Dresses

It’s only fitting that Batsheva Hay’s desk doubles as the play surface for her daughter’s dollhouse. After all, her designs draw heavily on memories of clothing worn in her youth. Her high-neck, ruffle-sleeve, floral-motif ensembles are often likened to Gunne Sax or Laura Ashley, but unlike those deeply earnest styles of the ’70s and early ’80s, “I mean these looks in the most ironic way possible,” says Hay.
BATSHEVA Floral Cotton Tiered SkirtA brief bit of history: In 2016, Hay was living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, taking a breather after quitting her career as a litigation lawyer at a prominent New York firm. She was raising two kids and keeping a kosher house in abidance with her husband Alexei’s conversion to Orthodox Judaism. From this blend of motherhood, religion, and intellectual ingenuity arose Batsheva—a line of straight-from-the-costume-shop dresses and separates that feel whimsically nostalgic yet oddly current.

“I left my law career without any plan,” says Hay. “I never thought I wanted to present myself in an aesthetic way. I was focused on expressing myself with my words.” A self-described introvert with penchant for a good book, Hay always found an escape in playing dress up. “Ever since I was a little kid, I loved theater and the costumes that you got to wear,” she says. “I never felt totally at ease in the uniform I had to wear as a lawyer. I guess I’ve never fit easily into one particular box.”

It was an impromptu request of her tailor to recut Hay’s favorite vintage dress into a modern silhouette that changed everything. “One friend asked about it, then another, and suddenly I had people wanting me to make the same dress for them,” she says. “I was absolutely learning on the go—I had no idea about design, I just knew how I wanted it to fit my body.”
Three years later, Hay has mastered the art of fit and fabrication, referencing Victorian-era details and patterns circa Laura Ingalls Wilder in a completely original collection. “I love textiles,” says Hay. “When I was starting, I’d go on e-Bay and buy whatever fabrics I saw that caught my eye.” Her second bedroom/office/playroom spills over with swatches and spools of material in every corner and on every shelf. Hay is a fan of quilting fabric (“there’s something so ‘homemade’-feeling about it,” she says) and sources much of the cotton material from Turkey, where the quality is high and the price is reasonable. “I am definitely not a minimalist,” she laughs. “I go for pattern and color every time.”

BATSHEVA Leopard-Print Velvet Minidress / Amy Gingham Cotton Tiered Skirtall / Lamé Puff-Sleeve Prairie DressIn fact, the entire apartment is stuffed to the gills with sample materials for the collection. Open one walk-in closet and an entire wardrobe of dresses rushes out from the darkness: gold lame, red tiger print, black latex (“Björk is wearing that tonight!” she says). The juxtaposition of demure shapes and flashy fabrics is mildly unsettling and highly entertaining, and it has become the calling card of the brand.
Hay’s collections are robust—there are nearly 50 pieces for this season—and characterized by a defiantly unsexy notion of femininity. It’s a bit of a risk, but in a crowded category of clingy slip dresses and plunging necklines, Batsheva stands out with its quirky take on women’s style. Asked how she avoids the temptation to follow market trends, Hay acknowledges, “Basically, I design for myself. I am OK if no one else wants to wear it because at least I am being true to who I am.”

Of course, finding an audience has hardly been an issue. To the contrary, keeping up with demand has meant some long nights and fast turnarounds for Hay and her small three-person team. She uses a sample-maker in midtown to help expedite orders and sticks to a handful of core silhouettes that help ground each collection. Her photographer husband shoots her campaign and lookbook images, and her mother, also an artist, offers the occasional opinion on the designs.
Hay’s fabric-first approach sets her apart from the competition and ahead with her growing customer base, who have come to expect something more than the standard with each new collection. The enthusiasm of her audience has given Hay the conviction to explore new categories (knitwear!) for future seasons. Still, she’s in no hurry. “One of the best things I did was to not rush in and try to make a big splash with marketing,” says Hay. “Word of mouth has been the best thing that happened to Batsheva.”

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The Best Men’s Oxford Boots To Buy In 2019

It’s one of the most underrepresented boots out there. Chances are you’ve never owned a pair. In fact, you might not even know the style exists. It’s a shame, though, because in spite of its relative obscurity the Oxford boot remains one of the most stylish, characterful and unapologetically British footwear styles a man can own.This is the type of boot you might have worn to stride around the streets of Victorian-era London; cane swinging beside you, handlebar moustache curled to perfection. Or to march around an early 20th-century country estate in; an open shotgun resting in the crook of your arm, as a team of gamekeepers frantically scramble around collecting the trail of dead poultry in your wake.Today, however, you don’t need to be a Victorian city slicker or a member of the landed gentry in order to pull this style off. The merging and melding of dress codes has granted this throwback silhouette a fresh lease of life, making it a valuable addition to any stylish man’s footwear rotation.Here we take a look at the fundamentals of menswear’s most underrated boot, including what to buy and how to wear it.BerlutiWhat Are Oxford Boots?Unsurprisingly, the Oxford boot is a high-ankle variation of the Oxford shoe. Like it’s less lofty counterpart, its main identifier is the fact that it has what is known as a closed lacing system. This means simply that the eyelets are stitched together at the bottom, giving the boot a more streamlined, formal look.You may also hear this style referred to as a Balmoral boot, so called because it was designed for Prince Albert to use on his country estate of the same name. However, a Balmoral boot often features two different materials for the main body of the shoe and the upper part. Most commonly leather and suede, respectively. Oxford boots in general, however, can be made from one or many materials. Most commonly leather.GrensonHow To Wear Oxford BootsContemporary TailoringOne way to bring this historic style up to date for the 21st century is to wear it with contemporary tailoring. That means a big no to spats and pocket watches, and a big yes to trend-led tweaks and modern cuts.Take a classic grey two-piece in a slim fit, for example. In place of a shirt, opt instead for something like a rollneck jumper or a knitted polo, and accessorise by simply not accessorising at all. This will still look smart, but also adds a little touch of modernity to proceedings, balancing out the boots’ heritage feel.Smart-CasualOxford boots were built with leisuretime in mind, and while you may not be spending your weekend shooting grouse in Aberdeenshire, a pair of these country classics can still see you right on your time off.For a simple smart-casual look, team dark indigo denim with a black pair of Oxford boots, dark knitwear and a tonal jacket. A suede bomber jacket or wool overshirt would work well.Black TieOf all the dress codes out there, black tie leaves the least amount of room for interpretation. That could be a good thing depending on how confident you are styling yourself in formalwear, but if you like to let a little bit of personality shine through it can be tricky.That’s where the Oxford boot can come in. Naturally, a patent leather Oxford shoe is the traditional choice for black-tie attire. However, opting instead for a simple, minimalist Oxford boot is a subtle way to make the look your own without flouting the rules.The Best Oxford Boots BrandsGrensonIt doesn’t take a footwear connoisseur to recognise a pair of Grensons when they see one. Since 1866, this much-loved Northamptonshire shoemaker has been making footwear as packed with personality as it is high in quality. Expect a combination high-end manufacturing techniques, like Goodyear welting, combined with contemporary twists like wedge soles and playful broguing.Buy Now: £265.00CheaneyWorking out of the same Victorian red-brick factory for more than 130 years, Cheaney’s skilled shoemakers have excelled in creating some of the finest, traditional, bench-made shoes and boots the British Isles has ever known. Smart, elegant, beautifully made, and with lofty price points to match.Buy Now: £425.00George CleverleyWith a list of customers past and present that includes David Beckham, Sir Winston Churchill and Ralph Lauren, luxury British shoemaker George Cleverley is no stranger to catering for expensive tastes. With a pair of handmade boots fetching anywhere up to £800, a pair of Oxford boots from this esteemed label might not be for everyone. Still, if you’ve got the money and are in the market for a pair, there’s nowhere finer to buy your winter boots.Buy Now: £725.00Crockett & JonesFrom contributing to the British war effort in the 1940s by supplying over one million pairs of officer’s boots, to making footwear for James Bond himself. Crockett & Jones’ impressive company resume is something for all other shoemakers to aspire to. Specialising in handmade, Goodyear-welted boots since the 1800s, this is a brand whose experience truly justifies its premium price tags.Buy Now: £595.00Shipton & HeneageShipton & Heneage may not be one of the best-known brands in British bootmaking, but it is one of the most reasonably priced. After all, where else could you pick up a pair of beautiful, leather-soled Balmoral boots for less that £200? If it’s British-made footwear and fair prices you’re after, there are few better equipped to deliver the goods.Buy Now: £199.00BodileysA century ago, Bodileys began to establish itself as one of the leading footwear retailers in England’s shoemaking capital of Northampton. One hundred years on, and it’s now also a successful footwear manufacturer in its own right. In 2008, the company launched its first in-house line, the London Collection: a range of high-quality, classic shoes and boots that can take as long as eight weeks each to complete.Buy Now: £380.00Crownhill ShoesYou may not have heard of Spanish footwear brand Crownhill, but they’re one of the few labels for which the Oxford boot is a signature piece. Most shoemakers might have one or two options in this style, where Chrownhill has a sprawling collection. Every pair is painstakingly handcrafted in Madrid and with prices starting at around €300, it’s actually one of the cheaper brands When it comes to this particular style of boot.Buy Now: 250.00 Euro

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A Guide to Getting The Most Comfy Look

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Paris Fashion Week
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Red flowy dress
Close-up of dress top
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Posing by the plants
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Shoot For The Stars
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The post A Guide to Getting The Most Comfy Look appeared first on Fashion.

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Countdown’s Rachel Riley takes swipe at Jeremy Corbyn with t-shirt slamming the Labour leaders views on anti-Semitism

COUNTDOWN star Rachel Riley took aim at Jeremy Corbyn by wearing a t-shirt slamming his views on anti-Semitism in the Labour party.
The Labour leader has faced severe backlash after he was accused of failing to deal with the problem – despite him claiming he had “taken action”.
5 Rachel Riley was seen wearing a T-shirt saying ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour’, before the debateCredit: BackGrid5 Corbyn and Labour have been embroiled in an anti-Semitism rowCredit: EPAPregnant Rachel led the outrage when she was pictured covering her baby bump in a T-shirt saying: “Jeremy Corbyn is a racist endeavour”.
The phrase is a reference to a series of posters that appeared in London describing Israel as a racist endeavour.
Corbyn’s leadership has been dogged by allegations of anti-Semitism in the party – with MPs quitting in protest and a criminal investigation into hate-crime launched.
The Jewish TV star was leaving the ITV studios in Salford, Greater Manchester, as Corbyn was entering to go head-to-head with Boris Johnson in last night’s debate.
Ex-Strictly star Rachel has been a vocal critic of Corbyn and anti-Semitism within the Labour party.
She has been attacked by left-wing trolls in the past after sharing links which criticised the PM candidate.
In September, we revealed Corbyn supporters called the star “shallow and mendacious”, but she refused to join them in a slanging match.
Corbyn was last night embroiled in another row over anti-Semitism when Boris accused him of a failure of leadership over the issue.
The highlights of the TV debate
NEVER FOR SALEBoris: “Under no circumstances whatsoever would any Conservative government put the NHS on the table! Our NHS will never be for sale.”The furious PM raged at the leftie boss and insisted he was never putting the NHS at risk.
FAILURE OF LEADERSHIPThe PM accused Jeremy Corbyn of a failure of leadership over anti-Semitism and said he had been a “complete failure” to handle the issue.The audience laughed as Mr Corbyn claimed to tackle anti-Jew hate in the party
MAGIC MONEY TREESHost Julie Etchingham jokingly asked: “Have you found a magic money tree, Mr Johnson?”Have you found more than one of them, Mr Corbyn?”Johnson then jumped in, saying: “A money forest he’s got.”
MONARCHYCorbyn was booed by the audience when he said the monarchy “needs a bit of improvement”.
UNION BREAK UPAsked if the union more important than Brexit, yes or no, Mr Corbyn responded: “Our country is obviously very very important and we have to bring this business to a close.”Mr Johnson answered: “The union is of course the most important thing. And it’s a fantastic thing.”

The audience even laughed when Corbyn claimed he had tackled anti-Jew hate in the party.
Corbyn said: “Anti-Semitism is an absolute evil and scourge within our society.
“I have taken action in my party, where anyone who has committed any anti-Semitic acts or made any anti-Semitic statements, they are either suspended or expelled from the party and we’ve investigated every single case.
“We do take this very seriously indeed.”
David Baddiel also waded in on the row today by tweeting “every Jew noticed” as the Leftie boss mispronounced Jeffrey Epstein’s name.

LatestGRAND DOLE DUKE Prince Andrew quits royal duties and offers to help Epstein scandal cops AIR PANIC ‘Air rage’ passenger, 26, ‘who tried to open Jet2 plane door’ sobs at court dr no way Andrew’s ex Victoria Hervey says Ghislaine is like Bond villain & won’t be found WarningHOLEY HELL The horrific effects of cocaine eroding giant holes in roof of your mouth CITIZEN’S ARREST ‘Have-a-go hero’ held after putting ‘man breaking into cars’ in hospital PARK SEX ATTACK Woman raped in park while two men stood and watched in ‘despicable attack’ The comic shared a tweet during the ITV debate that questioned: “does calling him “EpSHtein” make him sound more Jewish?”
Epstein is normally pronounced as it is written, while critics said Corbyn used a “Germanic twist”.
The party leaders went head-to-head in their first televised debate last night, with Boris Johnson narrowly winning.
5 Rachel has been a staunch critic of Corbyn’sCredit: BackGrid5 The PM went head to head with Jeremy Corbyn in a live clash last nightCredit: PA:Press Association5 The leaders posed with ITV host Julie Etchingham before the big clashCredit: ITVAudience laugh when Jeremy Corbyn claims to tackle anti-Semitism

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Johanna Weiermann Guest Lecture | Ethical Consumption


Posted at 16:52h
in News
by British School of Fashion

By Beatrice Buschittari (MSc Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing)
On Friday December 7th 2018, the students from the British School of Fashion were able to attend a presentation by former GCU student and marketing expert Johanna Weiermann.
Having graduated with distinction from the MSc International Fashion Marketing programme at the British School of Fashion in 2016, Johanna went on building her career in Marketing and is now Global Marketing Director at 180 Degrees Consulting in Austria.
Johanna (Right) graduated in 2016 from MSc International Fashion Marketing
During her presentation, she focused on a topic she holds dear since the days of her final dissertation: ethical consumption in fashion and lifestyle.
On a Design point of view, she talked about copyright, inclusion and animal-based products: extremely delicate issues that need to be taken into consideration when developing a marketing plan and placing a new campaign in today’s hypersensitive society.
Worth mentioning are the recent mistakes made in terms of cultural appropriation and racism embodied by the latest Dolce and Gabbana campaign, which caused viral international backlash and climaxed in the withdrawal of the brand’s products from many Chinese retailers and Victoria’s Secret misuse and glamorization of traditional cultural costumes on the catwalk over the years.
Johanna also brought up interesting examples in terms of Sizism and Genderism, tracking down the history of pockets in female trousers (no, they should not be taken for granted!) and shining a light on the fact that female clothes have often a premium price just for being pink if compared to their counterpart version targeted to men.
On the Marketing front, Johanna talked about the changes that are having the strongest impact on the fashion industry, pointing out solutions for the raising overconsumption issue. The fact that trends in their ephemeral essence are considered to be out-dated might lead people to opt for “evergreens” that last through seasons as opposite to fast-fashion and this, combined with circular economy and the zero waste initiatives proposed by trailblazer brands like Patagonia, might help bring awareness and defeat hyper-consumerism.

Johanna then went on talking about marketing examplesof advertisements targeting sensitive people or excluding certain clusters of consumers: too often vulnerable audiences can be deceived by misleading slogans and too often the lack of a mirrored reference in society can lead to the normalization of certain taboos and end up in social ostracism.
Despite these issues being still too contemporary, things have been shaken up a little in the past couple of years: more and more brands are promoting inclusive ideals while also embracing a full-disclosure and total transparency approach and, although some people may consider activist slogans on t-shirts and boycott campaigns as a smart marketing move rather than real concern, they certainly start a conversation and perfectly encapsulate the trending call to action that has been echoing all over the world.
With her presentation, Johanna has given the students some food for thought and has raised ethical questions that resonate widely in today’s society.
By sharing her personal experience and path, she also gave career inputs that were most definitely needed and appreciated by all.

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