Bachelor star Colton Underwood says girlfriend Cassie has been ‘keeping him company’ during coronavirus diagnosis

6BACHELOR star Colton Underwood revealed that he’s closer to feeling back to normal, as he battles coronavirus.
The 28-year-old reality television star thanked his girlfriend Cassie Randolph and her family for taking care of him, after he tested positive for the virus.
6 Bachelor star Colton Underwood revealed that he’s closer to feeling back to normal, as he battles coronavirusCredit: InstagramHe shared a picture of himself in a face mask, and appeared to have managed to get out of his bed.
The former footballer was seated upright and gave a conspicuous plug for his forthcoming autobiography.
He captioned: “Day 11. I’m closer to feeling like myself and I am so grateful to have more of my lungs back. I want to thank my doctor and local health department who have done a great job guiding us through this.
“I’m talking with my doctor about donating my plasma and doing anything I can to help fight this thing. Thank you to everyone who has be so supportive during this time.”
6 He revealed that he tested positive for the virusCredit: InstagramHe couldn’t resist a little salesmanship, as she concluded: “A friendly reminder that my memoir comes out March 31st! I’m hoping that during this time it helps distract people or you learn something new about yourself while reading it. Continue to smile and spread positivity. ♥️ love y’all.”
The star has been sharing his journey since being diagnosed with COVID-19.
Three days ago he revealed that he was starting to improve.
He wrote: “Today, I woke up seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I had my best sleep in more than a week and feel closer to my normal self.”
6 His girlfriend Cassie and her family have been taking care of him at their homeCredit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/MEGAHe continued: “I still have a mild cough but the aches and pains are gone. I’m just feeling grateful right now that I still have a life. I realize that my case was not as severe as others and I am lucky we managed it at home.
“I am in awe of the doctors and nurses who are on the front lines saving lives and the grocery checkers and truckers and everyone else helping people stay fed and comforted.
“We’ve learned that superheroes are real, not just in the movies. I never thought I’d know as much about supply chains or use the phrase ‘flatten the curve’ when not referring to my stomach after a big meal.
“Please continue to practice kindness. Keep a distance. Stay safe. Let’s shut this thing down and put it in our rearview mirror. We’re all in this together.”
6 He isolated in a room at his girlfriend’s family homeCredit: InstagramIn the accompanying video he paid tribute to the Randolph family who have taken care of him while he was isolating in a room by himself.
He previously had explained that he is isolating at the family home of his girlfriend Cassie.
Colton revealed: “Hi, just wanted to give you a health update. The last few days were rougher than I expected. The most prominent symptoms are my cough, night sweats and shortness of breathe.
“Breathing is challenging, the best way to describe it is feeling like I only have access to 20% of my lungs,” he explained.
6 He said he’s going to find out how to donate his plasma to help with the battle against the killer virusSHADECounting On’s Jill and Derick Dillard ‘weren’t allowed’ to share personal eventsCHANGE THE RECORDWe give classic album covers a makeover to comply with social distancingSlave 4 UBritney Spears says Mariah Carey inspired her to sing sweet birthday messageSUPERMUMSophie Ellis-Bextor puts on live disco for fans – while looking after her kidsFELINE GOODMolly-Mae thrilled as pet cat finally returns home after being hit by TWO carsSAVING MR HANKSTom Hanks & Rita Wilson all smiles as they arrive back in US after COVID-19
He continued: “I can only imagine how people with pre-existing health conditions feel with this. I’ve been journaling throughout this and I’ll share some of those soon.” 
Colton initially revealed he’s contracted the virus, on Instagram: “I tested positive and I have been following all of the social distancing rules since last week.  My symptoms started a few days ago, I was tested and just received my results today.
“For anyone out there that is hesitant to self quarantine… please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay home.
“We will all beat this and come out stronger on the other side. I’ll keep you posted, Love y’all.”
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Are Amazon ‘Sponsored Products’ Ads Worth It?

Say you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones or a new guitar tuner. Where would you start your search? Google, right?

Not so fast. Amazon came away with nearly 40% of the US ecommerce market in 2018. Google still remains the top search tool for B2B purchases and services and informational queries that lead to purchases, but Amazon is the dominant front runner in ecommerce.

Need help getting started with inbound ads on Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook? Book a free meeting with The Center for Inbound Advertising here.
So what does this mean for you?
When you’re thinking about your online advertising strategy, you want to meet your consumers where they are. And if you’re an ecommerce company, that place is — more likely than not — Amazon. 
That’s where Amazon advertising comes in. Amazon has several advertising programs to choose from, but the best one to get started with is Amazon Sponsored Products.

Amazon Sponsored Products
Sponsored Products on Amazon are pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear in strategic locations on Amazon, giving your products more visibility and purchase opportunity. You select the products you want to boost, set your bid and daily budget, and write an ad to entice shoppers to click.

The Sponsored Product ads are really just image ads — similar to display ads in Google Ads — but the cool thing is that they appear in search results on Amazon right next to the searched products. So, when I search for “acoustic guitars” in Amazon I get this:
The only visible difference between the sponsored and the non-sponsored results is the gray “Sponsored” tag that appears above the product title. You’ll also see that sponsored products can appear above the rest of the results.

Does Amazon Advertising Work?
According to Ad Badger, the average cost per click (CPC) for Amazon PPC is $0.97. This is on par, if not less, than similar advertising on Google and other platforms, which means that there is opportunity for success using Amazon ads. 
The real question is “Will Amazon advertising work for me?” Even more specifically, you should be asking “Will I make more revenue than what I spend on the ads?”
The success you have on the platform will depend on a number of factors, including:
Imagine that you have the perfect product and the perfect ad. Then, imagine that you spend too much of your marketing budget on irrelevant keywords. On the other hand, you could also bid on keywords that are too broad and competitive when cheaper and better suited keywords are out there. 
It’s your responsibility as you advertise on Amazon to continually optimize your ads for performance. Use “negative keywords” to exclude irrelevant traffic (and minimize wasted spend). Try out different keyword strategies, and be sure to create well-structured campaigns and ad groups within your ad account. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for you.

PPC is a great model because you only pay for each person who clicks your ad. The higher your budget, the more potential clicks you’ll receive. When you’re evaluating your goals for Amazon ads, you’ll want to ensure that your budget matches your expectations. Here’s how you can do that: 
This number signifies the average percentage of visitors who actually converted. That means that, with some quick math, you can estimate how many purchases to expect from the amount of clicks you expect. This will help you reverse-engineer how many clicks it will take to turn into sales and, in turn, how much budget you should allocate to achieve that goal. 
Ad and Product Page Copy
In-person sales have the benefit of a sales or customer service representative who can position the product/solution, remove roadblocks to buy, and answer questions. If you’re selling on Amazon, however, you don’t get to provide those personalized touch points. That job rests with your copy. 
Your ad copy must do its best to convince shoppers that the product meets their needs and compel them to click on the ad. This improves the ad’s performance.
Also keep in mind the old marketing adage “A confused mind says ‘no.'” That means that the copy on your product page must also remove roadblocks and answer any anticipated questions a shopper might have. If prospects are confused or unsure, they will not click your ad, your conversion rate will suffer, and you will not achieve the ROI you want from your ads.
Online shoppers aren’t able to hold your product in their hands before making a purchase. Even if you have the most awesome item to ever hit online shelves, you won’t move much of your inventory if your photos are unattractive or unclear — no matter how much you put into advertising. This is why product photography is so important when it comes to Amazon advertising and conversion. 
In addition to following Amazon’s compliance requirements, images on ads and on product pages should showcase features, action shots, and different angles… all in a visually appealing way that grabs the prospect’s attention and entices them to buy.
Just because someone clicks on your ad doesn’t mean that they’ll buy — shoppers aren’t necessarily loyal. Buyers shop around; if your positioning in the marketplace doesn’t match the quality of your product or provide competitive pricing, you might actually lose out on sales. 
Imagine this scenario: 
A shopper is searching for a product and discovers your ad. They click on the ad and view your product page. On the same page is a “Sponsored products related to this item” section where they see the exact same product… only 25% less expensive. With all other things being equal, they are likely to bounce off your page and purchase the less expensive item. 
Imagine another scenario: 
Your product averages 3.7 out of 5 stars based on customer ratings. Another seller offers a similar product, only theirs averages around 4.7 out of 5. With all other things being equal, the shopper will go with the safe bet and purchase the product with the higher rating. 
There are a number of positioning factors that will affect your sales, including the sales you drive from your Amazon sponsored product ads. The best thing you can do is provide stellar customer service and keep an eye on the competition to ensure that your brand positioning is helping you rather than hurting you.

Will I See Better Results on Amazon vs. Google Ads?
A major difference between Google Ads and Amazon Sponsored Products is where people are in the purchasing process when they search on each platform. 
People searching on Amazon are more likely to be at the end of the buyer’s journey (i.e. closer to a purchasing decision). On Amazon, they know what product they want, and they are just looking for the right deal and provider. 
On the other hand, Google has more of a mixed bag of search queries, encompassing all stages of the buyer’s journey. This means your ad strategy can be much more flexible, targeting earlier stages of the buyer’s journey. That being said, not everyone searching in earlier stages of the buyer’s journey will be ready to make a purchase in the near future (if at all). 
Many product-based companies have no need to target those individuals, making Amazon just fine (and perhaps ideal) for their advertising strategy where the goal is to put a product in front of interested shoppers.

Getting Started With Amazon Ads
Now that you know the variables that can make your ad successful, you can get started with your Sponsored Products campaign. Here are the steps: 
Sign up for Seller Central and follow the steps to create your account. 
Create your Sponsored Products campaign. 
Choose the products you want to promote with your ads. 
Decide which keywords you want to target. 
Determine your budget. 
Create your first ad. 
Unlike other Amazon ad types, Sponsored Products are launched immediately upon completion. For more information about account and campaign setup, visit the Amazon Advertising page. 
Here are a few additional tips for getting started with Amazon Ads:
1. Win the Amazon Buy Box
The Buy Box is the box on an Amazon product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process by adding items to their shopping carts.

Since many sellers may end up selling the same item, not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box. Amazon only awards it to sellers who meet their minimum requirements, are selling at a competitive price, and have excellent seller metrics. 
According to BigCommerce, 82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box, so it’s essential to earn it from Amazon. This can be done by performing in a few key areas, including shipping time and price.
2. Implement a Cohesive Structure in Your Ad Account
Within your Ad Account, you’ll be able to build campaigns. Understanding the basic organizational structure within your Ad Account will help you optimize for performance. Here are the definitions for each component of Amazon’s tiered structure: 
Account – Your account is the place you’ll go to access any of your campaigns and seller tools. Think of it as the biggest bucket.
Campaign – It’s a great idea to build a campaign for each product category you’re targeting.
Ad Group – Each ad group will contain the ad that you’ve built and the corresponding keywords you’re targeting with that ad. The best practice is to be as specific with each ad group as possible to improve the performance of the associated ads.

3. Learn the Strategy Behind Keywords and Bidding
Just like Google Ads, Amazon Sponsored Products uses keywords to trigger your ads. Automatic targeting — allowing Amazon to choose your keywords for you — is often the right choice for new advertisers. If this does not appeal to you, or once you’ve accumulated some data from a running campaign, you can choose manual targeting where you pick your own keywords.
There are three types of keyword matching:
Broad Match – The prospect’s query matches your target keyword, including misspellings, synonyms, variations, and different word order. This is the most flexible and non-restrictive.
Phrase Match – The prospect’s query must precisely match the target keyword, or the prospect’s query must contain the target keyword.
Exact Match – This is the most restrictive type. The prospect’s query must match exactly to the target query. Your ad will not show with “similar” matches, only “exact” matches.
Understanding the pros and cons of each will help you determine what keywords and keyword matching to choose in order to boost your ad’s performance.
4. Utilize Reporting in Amazon Ads
Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In order to make the best choices for your campaign, you need to use a data-driven approach and monitor your results. 
Amazon provides advertisers with data about searches for particular keywords. Similar to Google Ads, you have to be an advertiser to get access to this informative data. The data includes which search terms are performing the best, enabling you to add new keywords and refine the performance of your campaigns.
For each keyword, the search terms report will include data on:
Ad group
Click thru rate
Cost per click
Conversions/number of orders placed
SKU for the sale
And more
If you have a product to sell, now is the time to consider using Amazon Sponsored Products ads. You’ll enjoy a reasonable cost per click and have a chance to promote new products at the top of an Amazon search.

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Premier League season might be CANCELLED, Bruno Fernandes announcement, Ighalo offer LATEST – The Sun

MANCHESTER UNITED won’t be playing again until at least May after the Premier League extended its coronavirus suspension.
But there’s plenty of activity off it with leaked WhatsApp messages from Bruno Fernandes and a mega offer for on-loan star Odion Ighalo.
Meanwhile we have the latest on Jadon Sancho, Paul Pogba and all the other transfer talk.
Follow all the latest news and updates from Old Trafford below…

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Did Kanika Kapoor give coronavirus to Prince Charles?

Indian singer Kanika Kapoor has been at the mercy of online trolls ever since she tested positive for coronavirus and tried to evade the authorities. Now, she seems to have more fingers pointing her way.
Right when the news of Prince Charles contracting the virus broke out on the internet, hawk-eyed netizens dug up pictures of Kanika with the heir to the British throne.

After a lot of misinformation floating around, the truth has been unearthed.

According to Hindustan Times, the photos are actually from an Elephant Family charity event, hosted by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, all the way back in 2015.

Not to mention, the virus’ incubation period of 14 days also chucks out any possibility of Charles contracting it from Kanika or the other way round.

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7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

As companies adopt inbound marketing as a way to generate more leads, the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes very clear. In most cases only a relatively small percentage of your inbound leads will be ready to make an immediate purchase, leaving upwards of 90% of your inbound leads on the table.

Implementing an effective lead nurturing strategy can have a huge impact on the results of your inbound marketing strategy.

In 2018, lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing were the top three organizational objectives for content marketers. 

How to Nurture Leads
Lead nurturing is the purposeful process of engaging a defined target group by providing relevant information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. 

You want to actively move the prospects you’ve created through your marketing and lead generation efforts, to the point where they become paying customers. Some tactics on how to nurture leads are through targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, timely follow-ups, and personalization.
Despite the clear benefits of lead nurturing, marketers can struggle to build the right strategy around it. According to the 2019 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Survey, 60% of respondents gave their nurture programs a failing grade.
There’s a huge opportunity for savvy marketers like you to implement effective lead nurturing strategies and gain an advantage over your competition.So you are probably wondering…
Which lead nurturing tactics work best?
What do super successful marketers do differently?
Or how do I get started with lead nurturing?
Lead nurturing is of course just one component that goes into executing an inbound marketing strategy. If you’d like to learn what super successful inbound marketers are doing differently to attract traffic, convert leads and close customers you can check out this comprehensive resource – An Epic Guide to Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy.
Now let’s get down to it – we’ve read through dozens of reports, dug into the most recent data about lead nurturing and compiled this list of the seven amazingly effective lead nurturing tactics.
7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics
1. Leverage targeted content.
When it comes to lead nurturing, one size certainly does not fit all. As the research proves, strategically nurturing your leads using targeted content can significantly improve the results of your inbound marketing strategy.Using targeted content for lead nurturing may seem obvious, but it’s something that marketers are struggling with. Last year Forrester Research reported that 33% of B2B marketers cite “targeted delivery of content” (i.e., delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time) as their biggest lead nurturing challenge.
There are a few prerequisites for using targeted content for lead nurturing. First of all, you need to understand each of your unique buyer personas. Of course, you then need to create an assortment of targeted content designed to nurture each of your personas based on their interests, goals, objectives, and marketing triggers.
Lastly, you need to have a marketing automation platform in place to help you identify, segment and target your unique buyer personas as you scale your inbound marketing strategy.
2. Use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques.
In the past, most lead nurturing strategies involved setting up a simple email drip campaign that would send out generic emails to a list of prospects.
Today, marketers like you are looking for new lead nurturing tactics and technologies that go beyond the limits of email. With the help of powerful marketing automation platforms, savvy marketers are now executing multi-channel lead nurturing strategies.Effective multi-channel lead nurturing most commonly involve a combination of marketing automation, email marketing, social media, paid retargeting, dynamic website content and direct sales outreach. Because there are so many tactics involved, to execute this properly, you really need to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are well aligned and working cohesively.
3. Focus on multiple touches.
While the buyers journey for every product and service can be quite different, research from the Marketing Lead Management Report indicates that on average, prospects receive ten marketing touches from the time they enter the top of funnel until they’re a closed won customers.
Interestingly, another research study from Demand Gen suggests that 49% of marketers include less than five touches in their lead nurturing programs. If you’re in this category, it might be time to revamp your lead nurturing efforts a bit. As you can imagine, the most successful lead nurturing strategies deliver content that helps prospects progress through the buyer’s journey by addressing common questions and concerns. In addition to email tactics, consider how you can use a mix of content types like social media, blog posts, whitepapers, interactive calculators, or even direct mail, to nurture your prospects into customers.
4. Follow up with leads in a timely manner. 
The benefits of immediate follow up calls seem quite evident, but most organizations still aren’t acting very quickly. A recent article in Harvard Business Review highlighted the surprisingly slow response times of most US based companies. Here are a few benchmarks from the study which included feedback from more than 2,240 US companies:
The average first response time of B2B companies to their leads was 42 hours
Only 37% of companies responded to their leads within an hour
24% of companies took more than 24 hours
23% of the companies never responded at all
Automated lead nurturing can help you reach large groups of prospects, but a timely followup email or a phone call is still quite often the best way to convert inbound leads into qualified sales opportunities. As several research studies have shown, the odds of converting a lead into a sales opportunity are exponentially higher when the lead is contacted immediately following a website conversion.
When you make a timely, well researched call to an inbound lead it’s far more effective than any volume of cold calling. You know exactly what the prospects is researching based their recent browsing behaviour and you also have enough information about the prospect to do some initial research about the organization they work for and their specific role within the company.
5. Send personalized emails.
Several research studies indicate that email marketing continues to be the most effective tactic for lead nurturing.
The research also consistently shows that personalization tends to produce significantly better results than generic marketing. A study by Accenture found that 41% of consumers switched businesses due to a lack of personalization.
As highlighted in this helpful blog post, there are all kinds of ways you can personalize your emails to improve your lead nurturing strategy. You can send triggered emails when someone downloads your gated content, clicks on links in your emails, visits certain pages on your website, or when they demonstrate a high level of engagement.
When you combine the power of marketing personalization with behavioral triggered emails you can deliver the right marketing messages to the right people, at exactly the right times.
6. Use lead-scoring tactics.
For those who are new to the concept of lead scoring, it is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization.
Lead scoring can be implemented in most marketing automation platforms by assigning numeric values to certain website browsing behaviors, conversion events, or even social media interactions.
The resulting score is used to determine which leads should be followed up with directly by a sales rep or which leads need to be nurtured further down the funnel.
Based on this research, it seems as though lead scoring is an effective lead nurturing tactic that most marketers simply aren’t taking advantage of yet.
7. Be sure your sales and marketing strategies are aligned.
According to a study by market research firm CSO Insights, when both sales and marketing share responsibility for lead nurturing, companies experience a significant financial boosts. In fact, organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams experience 36% higher customer retention rates.
In order for both sales and marketing to contribute to lead nurturing you’ll need to identity when prospects should be transitioned between teams as they progress through the funnel. In creating your lead nurturing strategy, think about how you can use triggers like lead scoring, page views, workflow enrollment, conversion events or sales contact to transition leads from automation to direct one-on-one outreach. The shared expectations, responsibilities and goals for this collaboration between sales and marketing should be outlined in a sales and marketing service level agreement (SLA). Creating a formal sales and marketing SLA will help the two teams hold each other accountable for converting leads and effectively nurturing them into paying customers.
Leveraging Lead Nurturing Tactics
In review, let’s quickly recap the seven most effective lead nurturing tactics:
1. Targeted content: Content intrigues, entertains, and delights audiences that could become qualified leads.
2. Multi-channel lead nurturing: Try to reach your audiences on multiple online channels, rather than just relying on email.
3. Multiple Touches – Prospects receive an average of 10 touches from the time they enter the top of the funnel until they’re a closed-won customer.
4. Timely Follow Ups: The odds of a lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are much greater when contacted within five minutes versus 30 minutes after an inbound lead converts on your website.
5. Personalized Emails: Personalization benefits both your marketing and your customer retention.
6. Lead Scoring: This strategy helps you determine which leads you should really take time to follow up with.
7. Sales and Marketing Alignment: Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams experience 36% higher customer retention rates.
Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in March 2016, but was updated for comprehensiveness in March 2020. 

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Self-care tips for moms: 10 Things to do during #LOCKDOWN

So, here we are… Day 1 of South Africa’s 21 Day LOCKDOWN. You’ve got the kids sorted… Stocked up on food and toilet paper to last at least a week or two… You may be working and “momming ” OR just full-on, full-time “momming” and homeschooling… One thing, or rather one person I know you’ve forgotten about is YOURSELF. 21 Days in the same spot can make even the most stable, optimistic of us, STIR CRAZY!!!!!! That’s why you need to make time for yourself too, even if it’s just for a few minutes daily. Mamas, sit back and have a glance at our “Self-care tips for moms: 10 Things to do during #LOCKDOWN”. You’re sure to find something that “feeds your soul” during this time.
For the foodie mom…
If cooking is your thing… Why not learn from the best, for FREE! Yuppiechef is giving everyone 30 days FREE access to all of Yuppiechef’s Online Cooking School courses! Professional chefs, Peter Goffe-Wood, Sarah Graham and Franck Dangereux, will be teaching you all about meats, french classics, quick and easy dinners, sauces, breakfast favourites, how to cook fresh, treats, dessert, chocolates and how to prepare a Christmas feast!
I’ve already signed up and will start watching my 1st video tutorial tomorrow! Click HERE to join too.

For the mama wanting to grow…
Why not take this time to invest in YOURSELF! Caitlyn de Beer is a mom, a life-coach and basically all-around girls gal. She wants every woman to LOVE HER LIFE -just as it is and helps so many through her incredible online courses.
This week she launched the “Chaos to Calm”, self-paced online course aimed at helping YOU create a safe space on your journey towards greater self-awareness. Through 5 downloadable audios and 4 worksheets, you’ll grow from being self-critical, always running from uncomfortable situations to a woman that knows how to manage herself and her feelings in a positive, inspirational way. There’s no right or wrong answers, no deadlines to meet… You work at your own pace.

Best of all, the course is only R200 (you’ll get access immediately) with R100 going towards a local AIDS orphanage in need of support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Purchase your “Chaos to Calm” short course HERE.
For the mama in need of some retail therapy…
Nothing wrong with wanting to spoil yourself – just a little, and I’m sure chocolate is seen as an essential, right?
Rather just stick to staying in your pajamas and shopping online. Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Wellness Warehouse and Faithful to Nature are all taking orders and delivering to your door.
For the photo-loving mama…
I know you’ve got a phone FULL of photos or a hard drive about to crash… And there’s just never anytime to make up that family holiday photobook… The FujiFilm My PhotoBooks website is still up and running which means you can download their FREE photobook software while taking your time to create a beautiful photobook filled with your precious memories.

It’s SUPER easy!
Download the FREE software.
Choose photos you’d like to add to your book.
Drag-and-drop your images into the album templates – they have so many themes, borders and extras to choose from.
Save your beautiful book to your computer.
And place your order after lockdown.
For the organised mom…
What better time to “spring clean” than now, it’s not like you can go anywhere…
Why not consider taking up Project 333 – sorting out your winter wardrobe. “Wear just 33 items for 3 months and get back all the JOY you were missing while you were worrying about what to wear.”
It’s also never too late to join the Marie Kondo train – visit her blog for the BEST “Tidy Tips”
Or start with something small, like organising your children’s arts and crafts (I know you have them stored somewhere, collecting dust). Decide which pieces you’d like to keep, throw out damaged or less important works and after 21 days, order yourself a Bumble Box Artbook. These are incredible PLUS there’s never been a more important time to support small, local businesses.

For the dancing mama…
Get your feet moving (and your mind in the right vibe). Join Spotify!

FREE music on your phone or computer. It’s amazing. I’m actually listening to our Lockdown Shakedown playlist as I type this. You’ll find us rocking out to local bands The Narrow, Desmond and the Tutus, BOO and other favourites like Pharrel, Katy Perry, Florence + The Machine, Imagine Dragons AND LOADS MORE!
For the creative mom…
Simply look for the hashtag #quarantineartclub  on Instagram. You’ll find loads of art challenges to join in and keep you inspired. Even just following the hashtag puts a smile on my face.
Local photographer/momblogger extraordinaire  Shante Hutton is also running a #21ShutdownShots photo challenge which started TODAY! All skill levels welcome.

For the faithful mom…
If you’ve been following us on social media you’ll know I haven’t stopped posting about the 11-week devotional I started last year. “Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood” is a must-read for all moms, no matter your religious belief actually.
I have followers from so many backgrounds commenting and loving the lessons, truths and scriptures shares in this book.
Purchase and download the eBook HERE via for only R239 – you could be reading it tonight.

For the active mom…
We can’t leave our homes but there’s no reason to not keep our bodies moving. We are going to need all the “feel-good hormones and endorphins” to flow! Have a look at our Mommy and Baby Workout Routine to see how you can get fit with your baby, nothing else needed.
Fit mama Angelique van der Linde from Just victorious Living has also been sharing home workout tips via Instagram this week and Li Yoga just launched online yoga sessions to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
For the reading mom…
ISSUU online magazine platform is the place to be… Buy your favourite local and international monthly publication for a fraction of the price. Every issue can be downloaded and enjoyed completely paperless. Less waste and less old magazines stacked in your home.

We are in this together mamas and we need to stick together. Find strength, calm and peace in the chaos by choosing to do just one of the options above or even a few… It’s all up to you. Just remember to take a moment for yourself during the next 21 days.
Ps: Remember to pass this post along to any of your mom-friends too. You never know who might need some inspiration during this time. xxx
PHOTO CREDIT | Selected photos by Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division.

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Atif Aslam, RFAK thank the doctors fighting corona, they call them ‘true soldiers’

Popular singers Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recently uploaded videos for their fans and all the doctors globally to provide their take on the current crisis. Both the stars thanked all the medical practitioners fighting the war against coronavirus and called them soldiers of the current world.
He added, “Just imagine for a bit, that these people do not exist, then the cures will also cease to exist. I pray that God protect them and their families from any sorrow and despair.” He further warned those who are still going outside, thinking highly of themselves, of ‘nature’s wrath’.

He said, “And why shouldn’t nature intervene? Six-year-old girls aren’t safe anymore. People are corrupting. And given the current circumstances, imagine a little girl saw her own parents die in a war-field and said, ‘I will complainto God about this,’ then God would have certainly heard her.”
He then made prayers for those who are obliged to go abroad to earn right now, along with the families who can’t even afford two meals in a day. “I pray that God extend your blessings,” said Aslam.
He then told the doctors who are stressed because of the current situation to send in their song requests so him so he can entertain them in these difficult times.
RFAK also made similar remarks in his recent video. He said, “The whole world fighting against coronavirus right now and no cure or vaccine is available at this point. So we all need to take precautions like not go outside and wash our hands.”

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UK cases at 14,579 with 759 deaths as Boris Johnson contracts virus – The Sun

BORIS Johnson confirmed today he has tested positive for coronavirus after showing “mild symptoms”.
The PM is currently self-isolating but insists he’ll continue to work from home.
In a tweet, he said: “Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus.
“I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to lead the government’s response via video-conference as we fight this virus.
“Together we will beat this. #StayHomeSaveLives.”
The UK currently has 14,579 cases with 759 deaths, as retired cops are urged to re-join the force and Britain enters its fifth day of lockdown.
Follow our coronavirus live blog below for all the latest news and updates.

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Mahira Khan should have stayed a VJ: Iman Ali

The gorgeous Iman released all her inhibitions and swung at every question with casual humour, giving usual rapid fire rounds a run for their money. She even said Humayun Saeed may as well have been a doodh/dahi bechnay wala (milk seller) with his typically Punjabi looks – yeah, we’re not kidding!

When asked about the country’s favourite superstar at the moment, Mahira Khan, Iman had no second guesses. “She should’ve stayed a VJ. She was really good at that and I really liked her at that,” said Iman, chuckling at her own answer.

Iman also made another revelation – she was offered Raees alongside Shah Rukh Khan before Mahira landed the coveted role. “The people who approached me told me it’s a role opposite Shah Rukh, so I asked them to send me the script. I guess they didn’t really like that,” said Iman.

When asked about Fawad Khan, Iman said, “He used to make really stupid jokes on set (they were co-stars in their debut film Khuda Kay Liye) so maybe a failed stand-up comedian.”

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Secrets to a Younger Body

Most people wish to have a young looking skin if they have to party with their friends. Unfortunately, since people are aging, then their skin surface also ages.

This makes them to avoid some of the parties and social places. This should never be a problem again. Why? The anti-aging skin care regimen deals with this problem to restore the skin to its younger state. The following are various ways the skin can be restored to make it younger.
1.Brighten your face
The body has a number of cells working together to give it its functional value. In this case, some of this cell usually die and therefore worn out of the body. These cells are called dead cell which are later deposited on the skin surface. They are deposited on the skin surface as dead cells. These cells always alter the nature of the skin; the skin appears dull. You need to peel this surface and exfoliate the dead surface to make the skin young. Use the best exfoliators to peel the skin once or twice a week to have the skin brightened.
2. Sunscreen
The sun is responsible for at least 90 percent wrinkles that are on people’s faces. To prevent the sun from affecting our faces,it’s prudent to use the sunscreen which prevents the skin from direct sun illumination. Direct sun radiations on the skin expose it to the ultra-violet radiations. These ultraviolet radiations make the skin develop sun spots, which make the skin look aged. Different cream and lotions are used as sunscreens. These prevent the skin from sun radiations. This product should also be used to apply to the hands and chest. These parts of the body also age faster since they are exposed to the sun.
3. Use the eye creams
The eye being the most delicate organ in the human body is surrounded by a soft skin. The skin is usually thin and delicate. This part of the body usually develops fine lines under the eye which makes people look aged. Remember this always happens even to those people who use sunglasses frequently. Cream which are rich in retinol can be used around the eyes to make the eye young.
4. Clean the face frequently once you use the creams
The face should be cleaned regularly to prevent the waste residues and debris from affecting the creams being applied to the face. The cream applied to the face usually works better on a clean surface. When the skin is cleaned regularly, it increases its capacity to absorb the nutrients in the creams.
5. Lightening the dark spots
The dark spots on face together with the scars always appear on people face making them to look ugly. However, this is not a permanent problem since it can be treated through skin lightening. The skin lightening can be done to prevent the skin from aging. In this case, the skin will have a uniform complexion, making it more attractive.

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Why CRM and Marketing Automation Need Each Other

When I was younger and I listened to Hannah Montana sing “The Best of Both Worlds,” I didn’t fully understand what she meant.
Now, as a marketer, I get it.
Having the best of both worlds is the feeling you have when your company’s marketing automation software and CRM work in tandem.

But it’s not just about how much easier it makes your job. When the two software work together, your company will convert more MQLs to SQLs and make more sales.
In fact, marketing automation software can increase sales productivity by 14.5%.
That’s why marketing and sales teams need to integrate their software and work together.
Below, we’ll review what marketing automation and CRM software do and why they need to be integrated.

CRM and Marketing Automation
Before we dive into why marketing automation and CRM need each other, let’s discuss what each software does.
To start, marketing automation software helps marketers automate some of their processes such as sending email campaigns or posting social media posts.
Marketing teams use automation software to produce and promote content.
Additionally, this software includes reports and analytics for when leads visit your website, open an email, fill out a form, or read a blog.
Ultimately, the goal is to streamline the process of taking a lead, nurturing them, and moving them to a sales qualified lead. Essentially, it’s all about lead generation and personalization.
If your team needs more marketing qualified leads, a way to distribute content, or has a large email list, it’s time to invest in marketing automation software.
Some of the best marketing automation software includes HubSpot, MailChimp, and Marketo.
On the other hand, a CRM is a software that helps sales teams manage their pipeline and lead qualification processes.
A CRM will track customer data, including dates and notes of phone conversations, past purchase records, and emails.
Essentially, with this software, your salesperson can see the full picture of who a prospect is and their history with your company.
Ultimately, a CRM helps sales reps take prospects from sales qualified leads to customers.
If your salespeople lose track of prospects, forget to follow up, or you’ve outgrown your lead tracking system, it’s time to look into CRM.
A few of the best CRM platforms are HubSpot, Zoho, and Salesforce.
HubSpot is one of the best choices because the HubSpot Marketing Hub includes the foundational CRM functionalities, so you have both software in one.
However, for the optimal experience, you should use both the HubSpot Marketing Hub and advanced Sales Hub so you have more sophisticated features in the marketing automation and CRM.
Now that we’ve discussed what each software does and how they can help your team, you might be wondering, “Why do these need to work together?”
Well, when marketing automation and CRM software work together, they provide a seamless journey for your customers as they go from visitor to MQL to SQL to customer.
Additionally, integrating the two software will give your sales reps the full picture of a prospect’s interaction with your company. Your sales rep will know the marketing history of their prospects.
Plus, when marketing automation and CRM are integrated or in one software, your marketing and sales team can provide consistent messaging.
Let’s go through a tangible example of how the two software can work together.
To start, let’s say a marketer attracts a lead through a blog post, much like this one.
Perhaps that lead decides to download a lead magnet and fill out a form. Once that happens, the marketing team starts nurturing the lead through an email marketing campaign.
After taking enough action, that lead becomes a marketing qualified lead. After a while, let’s say they request a demo and are officially a sales qualified lead.
Once this happens, the sales rep who’s responsible for the demo goes to the marketing automation and CRM software to gather information on their interactions with the company.
They find out what offers the prospect has downloaded, what blogs they’ve read, who they are, and what company they work for.
This information informs the reps strategy for the demo call, so they’re prepared to answer the right questions and personalize the sales call.
If the marketing automation and CRM weren’t connected, your sales rep wouldn’t be able to find that information easily. Perhaps they even ask the prospect during the demo call, which irritates the prospect because they’ve already given your company that information and they’re repeating themselves.
That’s why the two need each other.
While you might have a system or process in place for lead tracking, it’s probably a manual process that comes with human error and prospects slipping through the cracks. You can’t scale a system like that.
Your marketing automation and CRM should be connected so your sales team has the right tools to close a deal.
Additionally, by integrating marketing automation and CRM software, your marketing and sales teams can work together.
For example, your marketing team might leave notes for your sales reps in a contact record about a previous interaction.
Or maybe your sales reps help your marketing team determine which content leads find the most helpful.
Integrating these systems should help you understand the gaps and friction points in your marketing and sales process. It can help you discover why leads aren’t moving from MQL to SQL or why prospects aren’t closing.
Ultimately, by integrating your CRM and marketing automation software, your team can:
Generate more qualified leads
Offer better visibility to marketing and sales teams
Shorten the sales process
Provide consistent messaging
Unify your data management
Improve the customer relationship
Enhance pipeline management
Develop cross-department relationships
Overall, integrating your CRM and marketing automation will make your marketing team, sales team, and customers happier, by streamlining the marketing and sales process.

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Pedro claims quotes were mistranslated, goalkeeper transfer latest, Rudiger furious – The Sun

CHELSEA won’t be playing again until at least May after the Premier League’s coronavirus suspension was extended.
But there’s always drama down at Stamford Bridge with winger Pedro claiming quotes about him being ready to leave were mistranslated.
Elsewhere we have updates from the rest of the squad whilst in lockdown and the latest on the Blues’ transfer targets.
Follow all the latest updates and Chelsea gossip below…

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