About Us

Kreating A Diversified Outlook Beyond Ethnic Culture

Lonnie Copeland has always incorporated his acute sense of crossover style into every aspect of his life.  Mr. Copeland decided to fulfill a life-long dream when he launched the KADOBE online signature collection of sportswear.  Mr. Copeland created the line to fill a void and reflect an urban sensibility and style.

During this launch, KADOBE will enjoy critical and commercial success.  Through the support of both the fashion community and retailers, KADOBE will quickly grow from an urban label to an international brand.

The KADOBE team will become the usual suspects at all of the upcoming prestigious award ceremonies, Concerts, Viral web sites, Fashion shows, Sporting events, Parties, Raves and Colleges.  One of our goals is nothing less then the CFDA Men’s designer of the Year award.  Industry insiders and the media will give KADOBE credit for returning the excitement to the world of urban fashion.  In the upcoming months, KADOBE will successfully launch a national promotional campaign for Fall Fashion when it simultaneously airs this live via an online concert /fashion show /release party.

“ I am not in the clothing business for a quick hit.  My staff and I are truly committed to the expansion and growth of the urban marketplace and will use all of our resources, skills and God given talent to ensure that quality in both design and production of KADOBE always exceeds your expectation.  We would ultimately like to have KADOBE viewed as the Future of Urban Fashion.”    Said Lonnie Copeland

The KADOBE collection is separated into categories including KADOBE, KADOBE Sport, KADOBE Kids, KADOBE Chic, KADOBE Tailored, and KADOBE accessories.  Product categories include outerwear, shirts, hats and shoes.  The products are inspired by Mr. Copeland’s personal image and reflect his diverse personal style.

The line will be in production four times a year and will be geared to boys and men ages 12 to 45.  Distribution of the KADOBE collection in the future will be targeted towards better department and specialty chain stores. KADOBE will launch a signature fragrance that will quickly become the best selling men’s fragrance on the planet.  In addition, KADOBE will launch the KADOBE Women’s collection for the Holiday 2016 season and the KADOBE Eyewear Collection in the spring of 2017.

Our marketing team must possess the capacity to maintain our vision, mission and purpose.  The entire KADOBE staff will be well versed and knowledgeable of trends, sales, consumer confidence concerning the many different KADOBE ventures and campaigns.  Our competitors had a 1.8 percent on top of an 11.8 percent drop in February 2009. Women’s clothing sales fell 1.6 percent last month, while sales of men’s clothing rose 5.7 percent and footwear rose 2.2 percent.

First, brand the KADOBE logo everywhere possible before one item is sold . The clothing business requires that you enjoy meeting people, be skilled in the art of maintaining customers, have a knack for choosing the clothes that people will actually buy, and possess a huge dose of fashion sense. The business may appear glamorous, but you must be willing to work long hours and be on your toes to adapt to every little change in the market.

The industry is very competitive, and studies show that 80 percent of retail clothing businesses fail within the first five years. Most retail stores, particularly small businesses, perish because of poor management, tough competition from department and discount stores and poor evaluation of fashion trends. We will beat the odds and prosper for the we believe in KADOBEKreating A Diversified Outlook Beyond Ethnic Culture.